Yankees Fans Trade Punches After Walk-Off Win

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Bro…broooo…not today brooooo…bruh….broooo….oh no you did’int.

Fists were flying Tuesday night outside Yankee Stadium after the Pinstripes pulled off a 10th-inning victory over the O’s via a walk-off sac fly from Anthony Volpe. In the bottom of the 9th, Aaron Judge electrified the ballpark with a game-tying homer.

Now 8-2 in their last 10, the Yankees have won five in a row, they’re no longer dead in the A.L. East and it seems like fans can sense the energy building.

Yankees fans get into a street fight after Tuesday night’s win, according to boots on the ground. via Twitter

The Frank Thomas high testosterone (you know, from the ose 3 a.m. commercials on Bally Sports) was flowing from the game and led to an old-fashioned Bronx sidewalk street fight with an ARod fan (that’s a Chinese knockoff jersey, right?) trading punches with some dude while some woman, probably his girlfriend, jumps into the fray to throw a couple of weak punches.

And just like that, the Bronx Bombers ARE BACK. The 2023 season IS BACK. The emotions are there. The victories are piling up. And now the Yanks get a full weekend of home games and the Memorial Day weekend weather is supposed to be silly good for people to get loaded and head out to the ballpark to see the Padres.

The big takeaway here, besides the ridiculous ARod jersey, has to be the theme of the chick coming in with a weak flying hammer fist. Ladies, how about you leave this to the high-testosterone bros? Deal?

These guys are jacked up. They might be boozed up. Stop making things awkward for the dudes who are just trying to kick each other’s ass.

Go off to the side and yell, “STOP IT” while the boys get their energy out. It’ll eventually stop.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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