Yankees Deal Ottavino To Red Sox, A Brett Gardner Reunion Is Now Likely

Right-handed reliever Adam Ottavino has been traded from the Yankees to the archrival Boston Red Sox. Boston takes the remaining $8 million on his deal, which will allow Yankees GM Brian Cashman to make one more move.

Unfortunately for Yankees fans, that move is likely to be a reunion with 13-year veteran outfielder Brett Gardner. It’s not a bad signing, but Yankees Twitter can’t stand it.

The only issue I see is that Gardner has a unique ability to take at-bats away from emerging star Clint Frazier. What’s even worse is that Gardner continues to command a strong salary, despite inconsistent playing time. It’s not his play that’s the problem, it’s his role.

Why would the Yankees continue to invest big money into an asset that may or may not play?

Instead, Brian Cashman should use that addition $8 million leash to spend big on last year’s NL Cy Young winner, Trevor Bauer.

What’s about to happen anyway

The Yankees are likely to give Brett Gardner a one-year deal in the $5-8 million range to prolong this marriage. It’s not what Yankees fans want or need, but it’s what they’re getting.

Statistically, Gardner has been excellent–the issue here is that the Yankees have other needs, starting with their starting rotation.

Buckle up, Yankees fans. Brett Gardner is on the way.

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