Yankees Deal Joey Gallo To The Dodgers

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The Yankees have finally parted ways with Joey Gallo in a deal that’ll send the struggling outfielder to the Dodgers for minor league RHP Clayton Beeter, Mets beat writer Pat Ragazzo reports.

Gallo was supposed to be a power bat that occasionally frustrated fans with the strikeout — that New York media just got to Gallo’s head and he really never recovered. The former all-star hit just .160 in pinstripes in 421 at-bats striking out 194 times. The Dodgers are buying low, and they know one thing for certain:

It can only get better for Joey Gallo. We’re rooting for him, honestly.

This deal makes a ton of sense from the Yankees’ perspective following last week’s trade for all-star outfielder Andrew Benintendi. Gallo’s swing-and-miss approach didn’t fit alongside sluggers like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Anthony Rizzo, so the team went a different direction. The Yankees focused on providing complimentary pieces that prioritize contact to impact the game, and more importantly, postseason games, where pitching reaches its highest level.

Of course this doesn’t mean power bats don’t get it done in October, but it’s always beneficial to an organization to have as many ways to win as possible. You can’t have nine power bats that strikeout all the time and expect to win, consistently. Now the Yankees have removed themselves from a boom-or-bust approach and are attempting to provide some balance by dealing Gallo to Los Angeles.

Now that leaves a struggling Cody Bellinger, Max Muncy and now Joey Gallo to figure it out just a couple months before playoff time. Will Gallo rebound in L.A.? No one should be surprised if he does given a much more relaxed environment. And plus, New York has been known to get the best of players — especially when they come to town with a flawed game. We saw this with Sonny Gray before he eventually bounced back in Cincinnati, and perhaps we see it again. Best of luck to Joey Gallo.


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