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Thinking about Damar Hamlin this morning

I’ll admit, when I saw the play last night, my first impression of Hamlin falling down was that there was a jersey grab by Tee Higgins’ teammate coming in to pull up the wide receiver. It almost came off as a defender flopping, looking to draw a penalty because of how Hamlin went down.

Of course, things quickly changed as we all learned there was something serious going on. It didn’t hit me that it was a life-threatening situation until ESPN cameras caught Josh Allen with his hands over his mouth and his eyes watering.

Look, I don’t want to get too deep into this story because plenty of you saw it play out live on your TV screen and I’m not going to add much to the story. Let’s hope the University of Cincinnati doctors can save Hamlin’s life and there’s a happy ending to a very dark moment in the history of the NFL.

• Sean K. writes:

Terrifying spectacle last night when Bills Safety Damar Hamlin suffered a cardiac arrest on the field and got rushed to the hospital. That was a horrible scene and like everyone else I’m praying that he survives and fully recovers. 

I just wanted to give a shout-out to the Bengals team and its fans. What a class act by both. The coaches and players quickly gathered in unison with the Bills. The fans in the stadium stood hushed for an hour then quietly left, with groups huddled with Bills fans at the hospital where Hamlin is being treated. Props to them all. 

• Jason R. writes:

Hey Joe. Kept tabs on the football game tonight, for various reasons. Never had skin in the game. Horrific. Like all of us, never experienced anything like that. I still pray for Damar Hamlin and his family. Prayer is powerful. Which brings me to my next observation. Bengals fans showed us all something tonight. Happy to see humanity is still relevant.


Remember, no matter what you’re told about how horrible Americans are, at the end of the day, people will come together. It just sucks that it takes a guy fighting for his life in the middle of a football field to get the job done.

Let’s hear from a Screencaps reader named Bill

• This morning it’s Bill H. writing in and Bill H. loves to take shots at me, which is fine, because it keeps things spiced up around here. Today, Bill H. wants to talk about the Peach Bowl:

I hope THAT game hasn’t driven you to  despair, drugs and decadence. The guy on suicide watch has to be Ruggles. You don’t have to live with that last kick and the loss, just the loss.  It’s just a game. 

Ever think about starting up a TNSBL, Thursday Night Snow Blower League? 


Bill, in the moment, I was not well after the failed kick. However, Sunday morning, I woke up, made breakfast for the family, and spent a bunch of hours watching the NFL. Saturday night/12:00 a.m. New Year’s Day was a kick to the gut, but at least Michigan lost to make things much easier to digest.

As for a snow blower league, those of you who have snow can start that league. Here in NW Ohio, there hasn’t been enough snow to blow on a Thursday since February.

TNSBL is all yours, Bill H.

Peach Bowl

• Ted K. who goes by EgginDawg, writes:

Reading latest Screencaps edition…not writing to give you grief. Couldn’t be more impressed with Ohio State. Never thought it would be the blowout a lot of folks predicted- that team is stout! Game could have gone either way, both teams deserved to win it. 

Keep your chin up, Day knows what he’s doing.


If Day knows what he’s doing, he’ll ask kindly for a defensive coordinator to figure out how to get 4 & 5 stars to play defense.

I would also like the record to reflect that C.J. Stroud rushed 12 times for 34 yards. That was a career-high in attempts for Stroud and he finally didn’t just stand there like a statue against a top-level defense.

The guy had the game of his life, but it just wasn’t enough. At least he left it all on the field for Ohio State. That speaks volumes after a disaster in the second half against Michigan.

Screencaps odds & ends

• Scott W. writes:

Happy New Year to you and Mrs. Screencaps and the family!   Thank you again for a great content and the best writing on Outkick – informative and entertaining, providing some valued sanity and insight.  Thanks also the Screencaps community – digital fellowship at its finest!

GB/Minn Q from Walt D. – Very fair analysis, but m only thoughts are if GB takes a safety they give the ball back to Minny for potentially an additional 7pts.  The attempt to run for it – GB gets a first down or they turnover the ball over with the potential to limit Minny to 3 or 7pts.  GB then gets the ball back with almost a whole game left (in either case).  I’m sure the “green room” nerds of NFL Stat departments have data.  That or the players instinctively are just playing an old game we used to play growing up called smear the qu***.   

OSU/UGA – Joe, your mailbox should stay quiet as UGA got lucky and OSU played well, for once, in a big game.   Now, Ryan Day should be fired….no he should just hire someone who actually can coach defense.  Up 14 with that offense with or without Harrison Jr. – you should not lose. 

Sidebar, Guilbeau is an idiot – it wasn’t called targeting because it wasn’t targeting.  Concussions can happen without blows directly to the head (car accidents, etc) – see Newton’s laws of motion. The brain is floating and when it hits the skull at high speeds, you can get concussed.  I know there is a engineer/scientist/doctor in Screencaps can elaborate.   The Michigan kid who got hit with crown of helmet on the neck/spine area was a victim of targeting.   Lucky for him and the TCU player, it wasn’t worse – borderline spearing.

Hookstead is an idiot too – Stetson Bennett IV played selfish, hero ball to start the game.  Should have handed ball off in RPO on first drive, instead kept it.  Made some stupid throws all game, especially in first half.  Coaches coach last I checked and hold kids who have had a great EGO boosting year accountable.  Did he call out Mike Leach for his ‘fish sandwich and little, fat girlfriends” jab at Miss State players (folding the chairs too).   Bennett recovered for the win with the help of the running game, defense and Todd Day being too conservative offensively and D Coordinator is not good.   Maybe that’s why the SEC is better than the other conferences – Saban, Smart, Leach (RIP), etc. coach hard and try to coach out the selfishness.  And, the B1G 10 seems to be a little like the ACC in football – two, three good teams and the rest suck.   

Look – I’m a Notre Dame fan and we have our own issues but ND was the best team “in” the ACC (beat Clemson/UNC/Syracuse).

May 2023 be blessed for all in the Screecaps realm.

TNML at the Wine Coop

• Mike T. & Cindy T. are drinking wine again!

Wine Coops make wine from the grapes that the local growers produce

Bulk or boxed wines make up a large( well over 30%) of all wine sold in France. Here, we bought a 3 liter reusable glass container in Italy and refill it whenever we find a Coop.

The Coops let you try some samples and then they fill the bottle. 3 liters €7.20 or about $2 a bottle.


The T.s in Europe has become so clinical that I’m starting to feel like they’re actually back in Idaho just running around to different wine bars. Dare I say, it’s starting to feel like day-to-day European life isn’t much different than here in the States for retirees like the Ts?

This Coop place looks like it would be someplace my mom would visit in Florida.

Speaking of federal jail, this is the view for inmates in downtown Miami

I’m not sure why all this federal jail/prison content is finding its way to me, but at this point, I have no choice but to ride this wave. Let’s see what the detainees must deal with from confinement.

For those of us looking to buy a car — soon

• Mike T. likes to send me these infographics because they create a conversation. Mike T. gets Screencaps, folks.

Anyway, let’s talk cars:

What about an electric car? How long do you guys think those batteries will last? Do you take Elon’s word for it that you’ll get 300k to 500k out of a Tesla Model 3?

Let’s stop right there this morning. It’s one of those mornings. Try to have a great day back to work after your long holiday break and remember, it’s a long-ass haul all the way to Memorial Day weekend. Hunker down. Make a list of things you want to accomplish this winter before the weather breaks and let’s get after it.

Now is the time to get serious about 2023.

Have a great day.

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