Yale University President Hangs Out With Genocide-Defending CCP Official Despite Student Objections

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Peter Salovey is the president of Yale University. Last week, he attended a university event in New York City with Chinese consul general Ping Huang.

Huang recently defended the Chinese government committing genocide against Muslim Uyghurs.

Apparently, his defense of modern-day Nazis did not turn Salovey away.

Nor did allegations that a Yale professor gave the Chinese government genetic data they used to persecute Uighur Muslims.

In 2019, Salovey chose silence regarding said allegations and took a trip to Shanghai Jiao Tong University-Yale Immune-metabolic Research Center in China instead.

Salovey’s actions, or lack thereof, prompted Yale students to finally speak out last week.

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A group of Chinese and Hong Konger students published a letter to Salovey in the Yale Daily News expressing their concerns about his association with a CCP official.

The letter points out that Huang, with whom Salovey attended the event, “defended the Chinese government’s genocidal policies towards the Uyghur people in Xinjiang.”

Before the event, the students urged Salovey to address “the Chinese government’s human rights violations and the safety concerns about Beijing’s transnational suppression of free speech and academic freedom,” and its “impact on the Yale Chinese, Hong Kong, Tibetan, Uyghur, and other communities” in order to “foster an open and honest dialogue on ‘the challenges the world faces.’”

It appears Salovey did not.

Nor did he “facilitate a discussion in this colloquium where the audience can freely pose questions to Mr. Huang without safety concerns,” as the students requested.

CCP Stooge/Yale President

The letter continues with the admission that “Yale’s campus, students already face serious security concerns with transnational surveillance from the Chinese Government” and noted in 2019, “while pursuing his Master’s degree at Yale, Hong Kong pro-democracy activist Nathan Law received numerous death threats from individuals claiming to be Yale students.”

Adding the following:

“You and your administration remained silent against this attack on the safety of a student and free speech on campus,” the Chinese and Hong Konger students wrote. “Seeing your involvement in the Colloquium alongside Mr. Huang, we are deeply concerned about Yale’s ability to provide an environment free from fear of censorship or retaliation in our academic activities.”

Yale University did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital’s request for comment.

Peter Salovey will not speak ill of the Chinese government. Nor will he toward those who defend genocide, slave labor, concentration camps, forced abortions, rape, and forced sterilizations.

“Your silence, coupled with Yale’s lack of mental health support and academic accommodations, has directly undermined the wellbeing of Yale students during these difficult times,” the students concluded.

Bad enough it is to work for a corporation obedient to China — let alone attending a university headed by a man who appears to be a stooge for the CCP.

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  1. Its been a popular topic in college philosophy, history, and political science classes for decades as to how the Nazis convinced Germans that it was okay to hate the Jews, to the point of committing genocide. If they really want to know the answer, ask any true believer progressive as they are essentially the Vichy for the CCP.

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