Yale Football’s Incredible Belly Flop Competition Highlighted By Big Offensive Lineman Going Full Send

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While the college football season is underway for most schools across the country, the Ivy League is still a few weeks away. It gets its season started on the weekend of September 16. Not this weekend, but next.

As a result, the programs in the Northeast have more downtime than their FBS and most FCS counterparts. The Ivy League offseason is last just a few weeks longer.

Yale University Football Belly Flop Competition
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To occupy that time, as a last hurrah to summer, Yale decided to have a pool party over the Labor Day weekend. And with every good pool party comes a belly flop competition.

So that’s exactly what the Bulldogs did.

Bellyflops are great, no matter who you are. However, belly flops by massive athletes are even better. Especially those from the offensive line.

“These belly flops may seem like just fun, but in reality, they show us who we really are,” defensive lineman Osorachukwu Ifesinachukwi said to kick off the event.

From there, one by one, the Bulldogs lined up on the diving rock at the end of the pool and went full-send. Some more than others.

For example, at the 16-second mark— not so great.

On the other hand, at the 22-second mark, Ifesinachukwi seems to land his belly flop with perfect form. It was straight out of an Ivy League textbook.

The highlight of the video comes at the 28-second mark. Who appears to be senior offensive lineman Patrick Nauert absolutely nailed it. The 6-foot-4, 300-pounder had the biggest splash and never once collapsed his out-stretched arms or legs.

Take A Look At Yale University Football’s Belly Flop competition:

If there were Ivy League awards to be given out, Nauert would win in a landslide. But with that being said, the belly flop at the 35-second mark comes with the most style points.

All-in-all, it was a belly flop competition for the ages and a tremendous showing from the Bulldogs.

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