XFL Referees Break Down Unusual Penalty After Player Not-So-Sneakily Squirted Water On Down Judge In Mic’d Up Moment

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Houston Roughnecks defensive back Ajene Harris leads the XFL in interceptions through six games of the first season of the league’s third reboot. He also leads the XFL in unsportsmanlike penalties for squirting an official with water from the sideline.

Ajene Harris is a menace! (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

Seriously. That’s an actual thing that happened during Monday night’s game against the D.C. Defenders.

Late in the third quarter, as the Roughnecks faced a 15-point deficit, Harris may have let his frustration get the best of him. Unfortunately, the incident was not caught on camera so there is no video of the water being squirted at the down judge.

Fortunately, the referees were mic’d up so we got a play-by-play on how it went down!

Immediately after Houston’s defense swallowed up D.C.’s quarterback, a penalty flag was thrown. After littering the field with laundry, the down judge approached white hat official Reggie Smith with an issue.

As he was standing along the Roughnecks sideline, a splash of water caught him from the back. Harris had taken his water bottle, pointed it in the down judge’s direction and gave it a squeeze.

“Unsportsmanlike on No. 3 from white for squirting me with water,” the down judge said.

Smith was astonished.

“Where was he? On the sideline?”

“Correct, behind me.”

With a big smile on his face, Smith re-confirmed what he heard and stepped away to make the call.

“Unsportsmanlike conduct, defense, No. 3 — he squirted the down judge with a water bottle.”

That was a real call made in a real football game in real life.

For some reason, Harris looked baffled. It was as if he hadn’t just taken a water bottle, turned it on an official, and squirted him with water… even though he did.

The XFL strikes again!

There have been a lot of hilarious XFL moments thus far this spring, but this might be the funniest.

What did Harris think was going to happen? Was he not expecting the down judge to feel water hit him in the back? Did he have a plan for what to do when the down judge turned around and saw him standing there with a water bottle?

I’ve reached out to the powers that be within the Roughnecks organization for comment, but I don’t think there is a high probability of a response. We will forever be left to the unknown.

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