Twitter Users Offer Hilarious Reactions To Possibility Of WWIII

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Twitter is having itself a day as WWIII is one of the top trending topics in the world.

As of Tuesday afternoon, WWIII is one of the most tweeted about subjects thanks to multiple issues around the world.

Russia pulled out of a missile treaty, China is weighing lethal aid to Russia, the war in Ukraine continues to rage and there’s more weapons flooding in from the west.

While the threat of nuclear annihilation is hardly a laughing matter, nobody on Twitter seems to be in a bad mood. In fact, the reactions are nothing short of hilarious.

Twitter users react to WWIII possibly being on the horizon.

As we all know, Twitter users hardly treat super serious subjects with much weight. In fact, Twitter is where you go to roast any and all subjects.

It’s been no different Tuesday as people offer some truly comical reactions to the possibility of WWIII.

Is another world war likely?

While there is a lot of hysteria about everything happening in the world right now, it’s important to note we’re not anywhere near another world war.

At least, there’s nothing publicly to suggest that. Just speaking purely about the facts, once you see America start mobilizing hundreds of millions of troops, then it might be time to start sweating. Until then, it’s just people popping off.

How are we going to fight a world war without our forces forward deployed near China or Russia? The answer is we’re not, and we wouldn’t do it with what we already have in South Korea, Japan or the region. How do I know this? As American Joyride listeners know, I know a person or two who dealt with war at the highest levels.

Having said that, if WWIII does start and Russians are parachuting down from the sky, you all know there’s only one plan:

Red motherf****ng Dawn. Take it away!

Written by David Hookstead

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