WWE Releases Ric Flair

Not Flair too.

Ric Flair had requested and was granted a release by the WWE on Monday, according to Fightful and Wrestling Inc.

Every time WWE cuts someone, it seems that wrestling fans assume they’ll move to AEW. But Flair is 72. Unless AEW is looking for a guy on the mic and someone who can occasionally kick a big guy in the balls, AEW wouldn’t have much use for Flair. But you never know.

Flair was involved in a storyline with Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair in February. However, after Evans became pregnant, WWE dropped the storyline. Flair said he didn’t like the angle but still couldn’t win an argument with Vince McMahon.

WWE’s significant loss came Saturday when it cut Bray Wyatt, in what the company says had to do with the budget. Wyatt is a star and one of WWE’s top merchandise movers. Wyatt could find a fit at any one of WWE’s rivals: AEW, New Japan, Impact, Ring of Honor. 

Flair is more of a symbolic loss. Luckily, Flair’s greatest moments will not depart with him. Flair fans can find all of his WWE and WCW promos and matches on Peacock, which now airs the WWE Network’s library.

WWE has yet to announce that it has officially parted ways with Flair.

Below, list your favorite Ric Flair moment:

Written by Bobby Burack

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  1. I know he can’t wrestle anymore, and his mic skills aren’t what they used to be, but can you imagine Flair, Double A and Tully sharing the same tv screen again (especially when AEW Dynamite moves to TBS in the fall?!?! All that’s left is changing the starting time to start at 5 minutes past the hour).

    So many great Flair moments to remember, especially in his first run with NWA/WCW in the 80’s. But one of my favorites is from the Monday Night War era when Flair starting undressing and throwing his shoes in the seats and dropped invisible elbows.

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