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Since launching the Bull Pen in August 2012, we’ve received hundreds of your submissions on topics as diverse as skydiving, the English Premier League, Game of Thrones and of course, the SEC football experience from every angle. (View the original announcement here.) OKTC receives 600,000 unique visitors a month, so writing for us is an excellent way to get your stuff read. Below is a brief list of what we’re looking for in a Bull Pen piece. 

1. Best and worst fan experiences. Did you get arrested by campus police like these Missouri fans? Have a great story from the 1991 Sugar Bowl? We want to hear it. 

2. Losing your virginity. Not that virginity! Actually that one too. As long as it’s funny. First SEC football game. First time on a football field/basketball court. Your team’s first National Championship. 

3. Celebrity encounters. You can read about my run in with Michael Jordan here. Did you sit next to a drunk Les Miles at a bar? Meet a wig-less Dolly Parton in Whole Foods? Tell us about it. 

4. Life lessons from sports. Do you and your son bond through football? Is being an Auburn fan a family tradition? What did your high school coach teach you about life? 

5. Top ten lists. We love a list (see, for example, the format of this article). Hottest/stupidest/worst fans. Most hated figures in sports. SEC coaches in order of most likely to be murdered by their own fans. Best game day atmospheres. Top ten reasons to hate and/or love Clay Travis.

Someone please write that last one. 

Most importantly, we’re looking for original, entertaining submissions. Everyone reading this site is a sports fan, and all of you have at least one compelling story to tell. If you’re good, you too could end up in a hot tub with Clay and Coach James Franklin. 

Sign up for the Bull Pen here and start writing! 


Written by Clay Travis

OutKick founder, host and author. He's presently banned from appearing on both CNN and ESPN because he’s too honest for both.