Wrigley Field Bleacher Brawl Includes One Fan Being Launched Down Multiple Rows

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With the season over and nothing left to do besides get drunk and fight, the Wrigley Field bleacher creatures picked Tuesday night to drop the gloves and cause a scene inside the friendly confines.

On the field, the Cubbies were being throttled 13-3 by the hated St. Louis Cardinals. Off the field, we had a bleacher creature being launched down several rows of bleachers before his momentum gave up.

Wrigley Field Cubs fan fight bleachers video
Bodies were flying Tuesday night in Chicago where Wrigley Field bleacher creatures were engaging in fisticuffs / Twitter

“He hit me,” a fellow Cubs fan said as security tried to iron out the differences and kick out the possibly drunken offenders. (By the way, it doesn’t appear Wrigley Field has any problem finding guys to work on the all-muscle team. They’re deep at the security position.)

Let’s go to the footage:

The big takeaway here is that the guy who was launched didn’t really seem to mind being launched. It was like he was there to create content. He instantly understood that his actions would go viral and he’d end up on tabloid websites around the world.

All in all, it was a positive night for Cubs fans. Nobody died and the season is one game closer to being over.

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    • Well that’s in every sport. There will be fans that are shit that’s a staple in every team, not in Chicago. Honestly it’s funny that every chicagoan that leaves turns to a different team and shit on Chicago. Honestly that’s another example of a shitty fan.

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