Wrestler Chris Jericho Donates Twice To Damar Hamlin GoFundMe After Misspelling Name

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We have been seeing an outpouring of enormous support from people all across the world as Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin continues to recover after a terrifying cardiac arrest event that saw him collapse live on the field in front of millions of viewers.

In addition to offering prayers, one way people have been trying to support Hamlin is by donating to his GoFundMe.

As of present writing, over $7 million has been donated so far for Hamlin’s hometown toy drive whose original goal was $2,500.

One of those who donated was former WWE superstar Chris Jericho – who donated not once, but twice.

The current AEW wrestler Jericho originally donated $5,000 but typed out his name wrong. Instead of withdrawing the money the donation or just leaving it be, Jericho donated an additional $5,000 – totaling $10 grand.

Very cool on Jericho’s part.

Other notable names that have donated to Hamlin’s charity include Jim Irsay and the Indianapolis Colts with $25,000 as well as Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots with $18,003.

The way people have come together to show support during a tragic and terrifying time for Hamlin and the Buffalo Bills really has been something remarkable. Whether it was fans that showed up outside of the hospital, to Dan Orlovsky praying on television, to Bills Mafia members showing support in a variety of ways, it really is something special to see.

As the GoFundMe continues to gain attention, Damar Hamlin’s father Mario, who is also the Executive Director of the “Chasing M” Foundation released an update:

OutKick continues to offer our thoughts and prayers for Damar and his recovery. Especially as some positive news continues to come out regarding his condition.

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