Wrestler Knocks Out His Opponent With Disgusting Cheap Shot After Losing Match

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That’s not very sportsmanlike.

A sickening scene played out during a recent wrestling event in Oak Park, Illinois where a match ended with one of the most disgusting sucker punches you’re ever going to see during a youth sporting event.

According to those who were at the event, the action took place during a 125-128 pound freestyle third-place match featuring Cooper Corder of SPAR Academy in the orange vs. Hafid Alicea of Maine West High School in the blue. Alicea was dominated and lost the match 14-2, but he wasn’t going out without showing sportsmanship that could end up in the court system.

Eyewitnesses say that’s Hafid Alicea of Maine West (IL) punching Cooper Corder of SPAR Academy. / Facebook

As you’d expect, emotions are flying on social media where people want the kid arrested, banned from wrestling, and banned from school to some thinking the kid should be in jail.

Now, those saying Alicea should be arrested could be onto something. Back in 2016, an 18-year-old New Jersey wrestler was arrested for punching his opponent after a loss.

You make the call here. Is that assault? It sure looks like assault to me, but I’m going to leave this to the experts in the field.

I’ve reached out to the SPAR Wrestling Academy to get further details on what happened after the punch and video stops. Was the boy in blue arrested? Was he kicked off his team?

As you can see in the video of the full match, it doesn’t appear there’s anything here to indicate Corder is about to take an insane right to the face. It’s a wrestling butt-whipping clinic.

“Kids headed for a hard hard life if he can’t handle having his ass handed to him any better,” one observer wrote on Facebook.

Couldn’t have said it any better. That about sums it up.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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