WWE Considering 3 WrestleMania 37 Matches

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Thursday, the WWE insider account WrestleVotes reported that the following three matches are under consideration to headline WrestleMania 37:

While fans will complain online if Roman Reigns faces Goldberg, presumably for the title, it’s still the best option. The match was scheduled for last year, but Reigns opted out due to COVID-19. Reigns’ current run as the company’s top heel is WWE’s best storyline since CM Punk. There isn’t an active opponent who can give Reigns a worthy WrestleMania-caliber build-up.

Above all, Reigns vs. Goldberg would mean Reigns is walking out victorious, a must for this year’s WrestleMania.

If WWE goes Reigns vs. Big E, which I’m not counting out, the babyfaced E would likely win. If Big E is ultimately the one to dethrone Reigns, it should come no sooner than one calendar year after Reigns won the top belt.

Orton vs. Edge is no surprise. Expect this once again to bring out the best in Orton, who, when motivated, is still among the best active performers.

Then there is the surprise.

It seems the Triple Threat indicates the current plan is to have Goldberg win the Royal Rumble. But Keith Lee would benefit far greater. Perhaps inserting Brock Lesnar into the match after Lee wins the Rumble is a way to make Lee, not McIntyre, the crowd favorite?

WWE could also book Lesnar to win the title before Mania, with McIntyre earning his rematch in a Triple Threat. If that’s the route, and there are fans in attendance, I’d expect McIntyre to win the title back.

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  1. They will change their minds 1000 times before WM, but good Lord do not bring Goldberg back. He’s beyond terrible at this point. I could see AJ beating Drew soon and keeping the belt until he possibly retires at WM.

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