‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Announces She’s Moving to OnlyFans

One can make an honest living reading the weather on air. Others can make an honest living on OnlyFans. Some even get to experience both career routes.

Yanet Garcia, who once earned the title “world’s hottest weather girl” during her weather-reading days, is on her way to OnlyFans.

The world’s hottest weather girl used her TV skills to make the announcement:


1.1 million views.

Word is, Yanet was a fan favorite to be the weather girl for Televisa Monterrey, a channel in Mexico. I’ve not confirmed this rumor, but I hope no one lied. In case you were wondering, Yanet earned the nickname on the job.

Yanet reportedly quit the gig in 2019, when she moved to the US.

I wish both Yanet and her former employer the best. The latter, well, ever heard of “next person up”?

Written by Bobby Burack

Bobby Burack covers media, politics, and sports at OutKick.


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  1. The future of the US economy: porn and onlyfans. And you think the country will survive? We don’t deserve this country and its principles. Most of us are a bunch of ignoramus, and pussies that need to be entertained or have a boner. I may start rooting for China to invade so we can wake up.

  2. Some broads make a mil a month on that shit. Pretty sure she wouldn’t have made that pointing at maps. More power to her. Capitalism, supply and demand, all that shit. Go get it Yanet, but her only fans account is a destination that my money will not end up in. God bless America!🇺🇸

      • Wow, that’s super Christian of you, supposedly Jesus died for all your sins, even if the sin is making married dudes flog the log for a few minutes. She’s not getting my money, either, but to each their own.

        Is it pornography? Or is it the Venus Swimwear catalog or JC Penney Lingerie section that was frequently used back in the day? You realize that there’s a lot of penises and nipples in the Sistine Chapel, and a whole lot of other Christian driven art, eh?

        Here’s the difference between you, Ray, etc., and at least me. She’s not my daughter, she’s not hurting my marriage or my kids, not really my business to opine on her activities. As a Jew (I’m just explaining I don’t understand all the different versions of forgiveness and sin that all Christian sects have, and I seem to recall a whole lot of forgiveness even on Via Dolorosa, the Mount of Olives, etc.)… Why is it your business to get upset? I mean, you clicked on a story that said “world’s hottest weather girl,” but I’m not judging you for it.

        I don’t judge the Rock for his excessive arm butter, and unless you’ve actually subscribed to her Only Fans, you can’t say there’s porn there. Let me guess, you hate Paige (views) Spirinac too, for violating the gentleman’s agreement in golf that you’re only allowed to view cart girls and opine on their bodies, you’re not allowed to look any female athletes that way.

        What say you about the ESPN Body Issue, which has some fantastically fit and fantastically nekkid females, skinny or not, and a bunch of men? Whores, the bunch of them?

        • If she wants to be digitally pimped out by Tim Stokley that option is there…but that doesn’t mean I have to agree with it, support it, or think it’s a good idea. Besides if she’s choosing that path I’d wonder what her relationship with her father was to begin with.

  3. Sometimes, it’s all about revenue streams. Look at the headline for this article, she’s already objectified, and nothing is going to change it. If I was born a woman with looks that are 9.3 and above on the attractive scale, I would take advantage of it (instead of being taken advantage of). Look at Bella Thorne, she was being extorted by a hacker, and instead, she posted the photos on OnlyFans and made $2 million by the end of the week.

    • Except they aren’t taking advantage of it, they are still being taken advantaged of…they are basically digitally pimped out by Tim Stokley (big guy still gets his cut). There’s no such thing as an objectified woman who isn’t being taken advantaged of in some way.

      And Bella Thorne is just continuing what Disney started. Changing pimps doesn’t change the situation.

  4. In the story, Boon Hogganbeck steals his employer’s car to go to Memphis and visit his girlfriend, Miss Corrie, at Mr. Binford’s Place (a house of ill-repute). He takes 11 year old Lucius – grandson of Boon’s boss, along to defray the guilt of his crime.

    On the trip, principle protagonist young Lucius gets into a fight with Miss Corrie’s obnoxious nephew Otis, who is also visiting the whorehouse and had set up a side business of charging Mr. Binford’s customers a small fee to observe Carrie “pug-knucklin” through a knothole – this altercation between Otis and Lucius is precipitated by Otis’ philosophical comment regarding prostitution.

    During the fight, Otis pulls his pocketknife and slices Lucius on the hand. Thus leading to Faulkner’s absolute GREATEST line of all time:

    ” . . . so, only 11 years old, and already knife-cut brawlin in a Memphis whorehouse?” Quips Boon.

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