World Series and MLB MVP Odds

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“Major League Baseball is thrilled to announce that the 2020 season is on the horizon,” Rob Manfred, MLB commissioner, said this week. This long-overdue statement saved millions of baseball fans the thought of having to pay attention to their family members during summer cookouts. What’s more, the announcement came with some juicy odds. 

FOX Bet released the following for the Word Series:

To answer the question directly: I don’t like the chances at all. My team, the Tigers, is tied for last. Sadly, I can’t even argue against it. It’ll be another disastrous season that will make 60 games feel like a gift.

FOX Bet also put out MVP odds:

Mike Trout is a lot like LeBron James. He’s the boring, obvious pick. But even more boring because he barely talks. 

Usually, I prefer to go value here. Though, Judge, at +800, that far behind Trout in the AL is enticing. 

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  1. If I was a bettor this would be the season to take some long odds flyers. Maybe like the Angels at +4000. They do have two tough divisional opponents in Houston and Oakland. But in a normal season there are teams with good records at 60 games that are an afterthought by September.

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