World Series Flasher & ‘HOLLYBOOB’ Prankster Julia Rose Joins OnlyFans

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Julia Rose, the online magazine entrepreneur who pulled the ‘HOLLYBOOB’ sign stunt Monday only to be overshadowed by some Real Housewives-looking woman arguing with LeBron in Atlanta, decided to pull the trigger and join OnlyFans. Rose was arrested for her sign stunt and didn’t get the viral lift she was looking for as Super Bowl Week kicked off.

It was horrible timing for Rose, who’s been trying to get men to sign up for ShagMag, her take on reinventing Playboy for a 2020 generation. That wasn’t the only setback for Rose. Instagram has been deleting her accounts for breaking the no-frontal nudity rules. One of her accounts had nearly five million followers as of July, when she was riding high and telling the New York Post about her online magazine goals.

“We are here to replace the bunny,” she said, referencing Playboy. Meanwhile, Instagram has deleted her magazine account. So did Twitter. Her main personal Twitter account with over 600k fans remains.

The 26-year-old Rose told the Post that she “grew up in a conservative family, going to church. I wasn’t allowed to wear a bikini until my senior year in high school.”

Now here she is, trying to strike again during Super Bowl Week with an OnlyFans announcement. A Julia Rose subscription on the adult-content site will run $10 a month, and the prankster, who famously flashed the World Series, promises “the content you’ve all been waiting for is officially here.”

The free market will have to decide that, Julia.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  1. So I am going to save 10 bucks here, but I would argue that she actually looks better than the majority of plastic babes who think plastic is a thing. She is a natural and not all propped up or installing bolt ons…yet. She seems more like a woman trying to make a buck than a tramp trying to live on someone else’s buck.

    • ‘yet’

      What’s true is they might start out natural…but the longer the stay in the rabbit hole the more plastic they become. I think IG, onlyfans, and whatever other techonological pimp comes out is going to turn a lot of short sighted women into barbies.

  2. “grew up in a conservative family, going to church. I wasn’t allowed to wear a bikini until my senior year in high school.”

    I’m sure her father is proud of her choices now.

    Like I said I don’t know what the simp market is…but the supply for them is plentiful and none of these women are as special as they think they are….and please nobody even think of marrying her when she hits 30.

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