World Cup Fan Drunkenly Ordered 160 McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets To Celebrate Win

England advanced to the World Cup’s Round of 16. They did so with a 6-2 win over Iran, a 0-0 tie with Team USA, and a 3-0 win over Wales in group play.

One fan, who had a little too much to drink during the Wales game, celebrated the win in a truly unique way. She accidentally ordered 160 nuggets from McDonald’s.

There might be only one person who could take down an order of this size, competitive eater Nadder “FreakEating” Reda. He set the world record a few years ago by polishing off 170 McNuggets.

So how does a 20 piece McNugget order balloon into an order of 160? The unidentified fan thinks she was trying to add sauce to her order and instead added more nuggets.

World Cup Fan Drunkenly Ordered 160 McDonald's Chicken Nuggets To Celebrate Win
England fans outrageous McDonald’s order (Image Credit: Daily Mail)

“I remember thinking the bag was very heavy, then when I opened it, it was just box after box after box of chicken nuggets,” she said of her abnormally large order. “I think I must have been trying to add sweet and sour sauce but instead was adding extra nuggets.”

On a positive note, the extra nuggets meant she had a couple of other meals figured out. She added, “At least it meant today’s breakfast and lunch are sorted!”

It Could Be Worse Than An Insanely Large McDonald’s Nugget Order

Of all the things that can go wrong ordering food, drunkenly or not, ending up with over a hundred more nuggets than you were trying to order isn’t all that bad.

From the looks of the order, some serious eating was planned either way. I’m not saying that the double cheeseburgers were hers as well. But whoever they were ordered for can put away some food.

If you’re an extra everything double cheeseburger person then you can probably put a nugget or two away too. If England continues to advance she might need to hire a designated nugget orderer. It’s probably cheaper than ordering 160 nuggets.

Written by Sean Joseph

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