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Mailbag: Why are sports media members typically liberal douchebags?

• Zach W. writes:

Why do you think so many in the sports media are liberals? My personal theory is that the majority of them were jock-sniffing losers that were always wannabe athletes in high school, and this is their way of making them feel the importance now that they never had then.


Boy, there isn’t much more for me to add after Zach painted a pretty accurate picture of the press-pass brigade that thinks the common fan is a moron and that they’re superior in every aspect of life compared to the guy who paints his face, clicks on stories and buys the jerseys that keep the financial juggernaut that is sports churning along.

Owning that press pass is validation to the Big J lib lib who can’t wait to walk past the big crowds waiting outside the stadium and right into the press tower door. Trust me, they have smiles on their faces as they’re passing you.

Guys, trust me, the typical pompous Big J thinks you’re a moron from your stance on COVID, to your stance on politics, to the beer you drink, to where you live, to how you dress, to where you vacation.

  1. The typical sports journalist hates sports. It’s like a guy going to a factory job he hates. It’s work because many of them refuse to make it fun. They refuse to incorporate the sports-viewing public into the job. They refuse to think like their readers….because they’re superior to their readers…remember, they think the readers are morons. Guys, I can’t emphasize this enough.
  2. So why keep the job? Because it pays the bills. And because typically the Big J has assumed status inside sports which serves as an ego trip. Also, being on the road traveling to exotic events sounds so cool at dinner parties back home with friends.

Look, we could have a long discussion on this stuff, but the Big Js don’t deserve to ruin our fun this weekend. We’re sports fans and we’re about to suck down 16 hours of live NFL playoff action over the next two days.

I need to get to Party City to get decorations. We’re gonna celebrate FUN around here. The miserable Big Js can f–k off.

Indy Daryl’s First Edition of the Screencaps Book List Week is over and here is his list again for those of you who might’ve spent the week in jail or out on the road paying the bills

• Indy D. writes about his Ayn vs. Ann Rand screwup:

Man did I screw up! But unlike politicians and celebrities I am man enough to admit it. I definitely misspelled the great Ayn Rand’s name. I have no excuses and I am not looking for mercy. She deserves better and I have to step up my game. I want to thank all the SC readers calling me out and not giving an inch. Your dedication to SC and making it the best it can possibly be is to be commended. I appreciate you all.


The Ts turned loose on a Friday night in France

• Mike T. & Cindy T. had a couple of old friends stop by their new pad in Villefranche-sur-Mer, France for a fancy grazing board and wine. I need to ask Mike T., I know he’ll read this, if it’s possible to buy a fine import — Busch Light — at the local carryout.

‘To your point’

• David W. writes:

Along the lines of ‘sticking your foot in the ground’ we have the talking heads and ‘to your point’ after every comment by the previous blathering idiot. 

Is it just me?

Brian in Tennessee thinks proms should be held in high school gyms and I told him he’s crazy

• Brent P. writes:

I graduated high school in 1986. Our Prom was held at the once prestigious Indianapolis racquet club. The Racquet club is where Mike Tyson was accused of raping one of the contestants. So proms around here have been held at elite spots for at least 54 years.

On a side note. I was proud to find out from my son, who is a senior, and attended his prom as a junior is not going to prom this year. He said the he and his girlfriend felt like the most fun part of the event last year was before and after. He said “it is just a waste of money”. It brought a tear to my eye. To think that he was being practical over following the crowd. I guess he is more like me than I thought. I always felt that Prom was the most over-rated event in ones life.

• John W. writes:

Our high school was tagged years ago as ‘best little prom in America’ still held at gym. 700+ in Senior class and kids from other schools will pair up just to say they went to this prom. 

Downside is they spend a lot of money on who knows what. DJ Paulie D is a regular – Questlove, Diisigner (?) and others have performed. 

Kids group up and create prom floats for entrance parade, local companies offer to supply/haul the trailer and kids spend time as part of a ‘class’ to be on Prom Committee (PromCom) and kids/parents spend evenings decorating the gym. Students do it to get a ticket discount and parents do it so they can work the Prom and see everything. 

Kids take a lot of pride in it – ‘rah rah’ parents love it -it has a ‘down home’ feel to it as many non associated community members set up to watch the parade. But with corporate sponsorships some feel they could tone it back and donate to community (they do have discount tickets and others run suit/dress options for those on a tight budget). 

On School property so if busted doing anything wrong-student does not get to ‘walk’ at graduation. (even the wrong was done by their guest).


• Ron L. in Georgia via Perrysburg, OH writes:

You are totally correct in disagreeing with Brian A. in TN.  Our prom is in downtown ATL this year.  Is it the safest spot?  Probably not.  But now prom is more about moms living in the past more than anything.  Poor dads have to spend 100s on a dress, shoes, hair, etc.  I’ve known several students whose families have spent more than $1000.  Don’t forget limos too.  It’s absolutely crazy!  And the most dangerous part, Screencap readers may or may not know this, but there are a lot of parents who rent hotel rooms and leave booze for the kids.  Legal action waiting to happen! 

I pray for all you dads out there with daughters!!

Bengals fan Rob is as far south as you can go

• Rob writes:

Ushuaia, located on the tastefully named Beagle Channel, is the southernmost city in the world.  They take quite a bit of pride in this fact and and bill themselves as the “end of the world (fin del mundo)”.  This slogan is everywhere, restaurants, bars, t- shirts, hats, and even the local post office, which will include a “fin del mundo” stamp on your letter.  

Today they survive solely on tourist, $ primarily as the launching point to Antarctica. 

We passed Cape Horn this morning, a foreboding rock in the ocean that was the last obstacle to make it around the continent. 

We’re currently in the middle of the Drake Passage in 20ft swells.  Interesting experience.  Plenty of people banging off the walls in the hallways.  In a ship this big, it’s really not that bad but over garage beers I’ll be telling everyone it was like George Clooney in The Perfect Storm. 

Now we’re good and fired up for a big weekend. Go have FUN. Tell me about the FUN you’re having. Create FUN. Find FUN. Call up buddies and get into some FUN. Don’t let life slip by on weekends like this one.

I’m off to Party City.

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