Woodworking Influencer Wood Bunni Is Ready For The Super Bowl, Kathy Ireland Is An NFLPI Board Member & The Poles Are Greased In Philly

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It’s Super Bowl Sunday!

It’s officially Super Bowl Sunday and you know what that means, no work on Monday. For some reason they haven’t made the Monday after the Super Bowl a national holiday yet, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty of folks taking the day off.

Philadelphia and Kansas City might as well forget about anything getting done for the next few days. Win or lose it’s going to take people a few days to recover.

I’ve been rooting against the Chiefs the entire playoffs and it’s backfired up to this point. I was really confident heading into the AFC Championship Game that Burrow and the boys were going to end Kansas City’s season.

That obviously didn’t happen. But I’m not switching sides now that the Super Bowl has arrived. I’ll be rooting against the Chiefs and the Mahomes family once again. I’m far less confident heading into this one, but this is a game the Eagles can win.

The Chiefs are going up against the Eagles and a few curses that need to be taken down as well. The first of which might be the most significant. The regular season MVP has lost the Super Bowl nine straight times.

That’s a tough one…

Another significant curse is the Rocky Balboa curse. Fans of opposing teams have tried to dress Rocky in their team’s gear ahead of big games and have come up short.

This Jabroni might be a little too overconfident and might have just cost his team a Super Bowl. Way to go. If the Chiefs lose this is way more significant of a fan blunder than anything Steve Bartman ever did.

Move over Chinese spy balloons, UFOs are now being shot down out of the sky

Are aliens visiting? Who knows what’s actually going on? There were multiple reports throughout the day on Saturday that unidentified flying objects were being shot down out of the sky over the U.S. and Canada.

Can we get through Super Bowl Sunday first? I mean if aliens were planning a visit Super Bowl Sunday would be the day to do it, but we just want to enjoy the game. We’ll deal with the aliens on Tuesday.

Whatever this sport is called we need more of it

Assuming there isn’t really an alien invasion and we’re all getting along as we always have, we’re going to need something to keep us occupied until March Madness gets here.

I propose that whatever this sport is called gets some more attention and makes its way on to our TVs. It’s unclear what the objective is or what any of the rules are, but I’m willing to learn.


um quarteto desses 😮‍💨🥵 @luisadespereira @taisparracho #fy #altinha #praia

♬ O Neném Não É Neném – MC MENOR HR & DJ Cayoo

There’s plenty of time before kickoff. So sit back relax and ease yourself into the day. Remember to pace yourself and if you haven’t already done so, go ahead and give your boss a head’s up that you have no plans on showing up tomorrow.

If they’re not giving you the day off tomorrow or at the very least a few hours of recover time then find another job.

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