Woman’s Cleavage T-Shirt Draws Stares At Trader Joe’s

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An old TikTok video of a woman’s cleavage t-shirt causing a scene at a Trader Joe’s is going viral again for some reason.

A biological female professional content creator who goes by shop_bucktooth originally posted her cleavage t-shirt story back in June 2022 and walked her fans through what happened during a grocery run. I hate to run a post like this, but you need to see ridiculousness going on with some of these content creators.

“Forgot I was wearing this shirt and everyone in Trader Joe’s above the age of 40 used some really special facial expressions to remind,” Bucktooth wrote on TikTok.

Now, what are the chances Bucktooth forgot she was wearing a cleavage shirt when she went to Trader Joe’s? OMG, this content is sooooooo organic.

Just kidding, it’s absolutely stupid, but again, it’s my duty here to call it out.

Honestly, Bucktooth is one of the worst kinds of content creators. Despicable, really.

“People are always like ‘Do you actually wear this in public?’ And yeah I do, but then gross men start following me, and I have to go home,” she says in a voice-over for the TikTok video.

So let me get this straight, you wear a shirt featuring a photo of a great set of boobs like you’re a hooker and you’re shocked that the shirt gets attention? This is like an Instagram model posting 800 bikini photos and then claiming men are pigs for liking 800 photos and commenting about how hot the model is.

We see the game you’re playing here.


OOTD for an excruciatingly uncomfortable grocery trip 🎀

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“Available in sizes sm-4x if you would also like to suffer :),” she wrote in the comment section where she was slinging these shirts for $25.

If there was ever a content creator to cancel, it’s this woman. Without evidence, she wants her “YASS GURL” followers to scream about how men are pigs and they must be canceled because they can’t control themselves when she walks around in a cleavage shirt.

“This was brave,” one of her TikTok minions writes in the comment section.

Yeah, so stunning, so brave.

“I always wear it tactfully to places where it’ll only be young ppl thatll think it’s funny but this time everyone was old n mean,” Bucktooth said of her Trader Joe’s trip.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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