Woman Walks Away From Horrific Crash After Semi Runs Over Her Nissan Altima

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A woman is lucky to be alive after a Tuesday morning crash in Mt. Vernon, Washington where a semi hit the woman’s 2015 Nissan Altima folded the rear tires onto the roof of the car.  Washington state trooper Rocky Oliphant tweeted out horrific photos from the scene and noted that the 46-year-old woman suffered minor injuries and walked away from the scene on the southbound side of I-5 on the Skagit River bridge.

“Once the front end of the [truck] was lifted off of the car, she was able to extricate herself,” Oliphant told Jalopnik.com. “[She] crawled out of the car and walked from the scene. Complained of some rib pain and some minor head pain initially.”

According to the trooper, the momentum of the semi folded up the Altima and “created a little bit of like a ramp for the truck to just move on top of the car, and it continued forward until it was basically resting on top of that car.”

The semi-driver was cited for following too closely and the woman was taken to a hospital to be checked out. She’ll be getting a new car and one would have to figure she’ll get another Altima after its performance against the weight of a big rig.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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