Woman Takes Her Frustration Out On Husband During Gender Reveal By Hitting Him With Confetti Cannon After He Prematurely Fired His Off

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Let’s get right to it: big, elaborate gender reveals are stupid. I’ve said it before and nothing is going to change my mind about that. Not even the use of a stripper pole.

Sure, the stripper pole gender reveal makes slightly more sense than the ones that rely on confetti cannons and fireworks. But at least with those you’ll get the occasional fire or a confetti cannon pointed the wrong way ending with a shot to the groin.

Gender Reveal Fail
Woman blames her husband for gender reveal fail (Image Credit: Getty)

Those are fun. So are the ones where the husband screws up by missing the ball or by kicking it over the fence and into a neighbor’s yard. I guess you could say that I hate gender reveals that go off without a hitch. I’m all in if they go wrong.

This gender reveal appeared to have gone off without a hitch until the woman realized that her husband had fired off his confetti cannon first – sounds like this might be a deeper issue. She wasn’t happy about his premature launch and hit him with her empty confetti cannon.

Good news, they’re having a boy. The bad news, he got too excited again and didn’t wait for them to launch the confetti together.

Nothing Like A Friend Who Ruins Your Gender Reveal

Now, to be fair to the husband here, this wasn’t entirely his fault. Whoever yelled out “no, wait!” is to blame. The dad-to-be executed a perfect countdown.

He went 3,2,1 then fired his cannon off. The mom-to-be heard the woman who yelled out for them to wait and paused for half a second.

She really should have launched the confetti cannon at whoever ruined her moment. Now she didn’t see it that way at all. She even threw up “when your husband doesn’t do the gender reveal right & your pregnancy hormones start to rage in front of everyone” on the video.

The blame lies with that one friend who wasn’t ready prior to the countdown. This is her fault. Everyone is standing around, the dad has already started counting down, there’s a thousand cameras pointed at them, you can’t yell for them to wait.

So what the video wasn’t captured on your phone, Suzy. Get it from someone else and stop ruining things for everyone else.

Written by Sean Joseph

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