Woman Pulls A Knife On A Grocery Store Clerk, When Her Robbery Attempt Failed She Returned To Shopping As If Nothing Happened

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The term criminal mastermind will probably never be applied to this Texas woman. Her attempt to rob a grocery store is one of the more ridiculous failed robberies to ever be halfheartedly attempted. It also is exhibit number one as to why she’s no criminal mastermind.

Brandy Ackerman of Edgewood, Texas walked into a Brookshire Brothers grocery store earlier this week, and according to police, pulled a knife on one of the store’s clerks. She then demanded that the clerk open the cash register and handover the money.

Woman Pulls A Knife On A Grocery Store Clerk, When Her Robbery Attempt Failed She Returned To Shopping
Woman tried to rob a grocery store, went shopping when the robbery failed (Image Credit: Van Zandt County Jail via KLTV)

So far it’s a standard robbery attempt. The criminal pulls out a weapon and demands money. What happened next was far from standard.

The clerk refused to open the register. Following the refusal, Ackerman put her knife back in her jacket and said, “Oh I was just kidding anyway.”

Instead of walking out empty handed, she decided to do a little shopping. She grabbed a few items, paid for them, and left as if she hadn’t just threatened a clerk with a knife.

Unfortunately for Ackerman, her attempted robbery wasn’t one of the crimes that is swept under the rug. At least not in Edgewood. Edgewood Police later arrested her.

It turns out there are no takebacks, or just kiddings, when you pull a knife on a store clerk and demand money. Again, at least not in this particular part of Texas. This might fly elsewhere, not in Edgewood.

Trying To Play Off A Failed Robbery Attempt Is An Interesting Strategy

Ackerman was charged with aggravated robbery. As of Wednesday, she was being held on a $150,000 bond in the Van Zandt County Jail.

Who knew you couldn’t walk in to a grocery store and demand money with a knife as an alleged joke then do your shopping and go home?

To be fair to the woman, she didn’t end up actually stealing anything and she said she was kidding. A simple sorry should do it right?

Written by Sean Joseph

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