Woman Gets Cheating Partner’s Face Tattooed On Her Face

As a general rule you don’t ever want to get your partner’s name or face tattooed on your body. Relationships can go sideways then you’re stuck with a tattoo you no longer want. Sure you can get them covered up or removed, but why make things hard on yourself?

Unfortunately this advice doesn’t reach everyone. Even more unfortunate is when the person has a tattoo of their partner and that partner cheats on them then they go get another tattoo of their cheating partner.

I know what you’re thinking, nobody would do that. Well you’re wrong. Someone has done just that and documented it on social media. Her name is Narally Najm and shortly after revealing that her partner had cheated on her, she went and got the cheating partner’s face tattooed on her face.

Woman Gets Cheating Partner's Face Tattooed On Her Face
Woman gets her ex’s face tattooed on her own face (Image Credit: TikTok)

Narally revealed that she had recently given birth to a son then caught her girlfriend cheating on her. The text of the video read, “Thinking we were the perfect family. Just gave her a son a week ago, we bought a home and everything seemed so real.”

“Just to find out she been cheating… even while I was in labor.”

Getting Your Face Tattooed Is An Interesting Strategy

Two days later she was back with what can only be described as an insane video, an insane video that currently has more than 12.8 million views. In the video she was getting a huge tattoo of her ex-girlfriend’s face tattooed on the side of her face.

As an exclamation point on the crazy tattoo, she also got her ex’s name above her eye. The new ink matches some other tattoos of her ex’s name and face already on her body elsewhere.

There are several other videos posted by Narally as she attempts to cope with the breakup. Those videos have millions of views too. People love watching car accidents.

This one is hard to look away from. She revealed a few days ago that she added yet another tattoo of her ex’s face.

I hope this is all fake, but I have a feeling it’s not. Oh well, no regerts!




Written by Sean Joseph

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