Woman Finds A Whale Penis Washed Up On An Australian Beach

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Everyone likes a relaxing stroll on the beach. There’s nothing better than the sunshine, the water and the sand. It’s a great way to hit the reset button.

Sometimes during those walks on the beach you can have some encounters with some creatures you don’t often see in everyday life. Or something odd can wash up and grab your attention.

A woman at a beach in Queensland, Australia had such an experience with something that washed up on the shore. She found a large random animal part as she described it.

Whale Penis Washed Up On A Beach
Whale penis on an Australian beach (Image Credit: moonlight/TikTok)

The woman shared a couple of videos on TikTok of the unidentified object and they grabbed viewers attention, racking up millions of views in the process. The comment section guessed that the animal part was everything from a human leg to some sort of a tongue.


Replying to @Dave as requested guys- here is a better video. What do you think it is? #australia #northqueensland #fyp

♬ original sound – moonlight 🌙✨

In a follow-up to these two videos the woman believes the mystery of the washed up animal part was finally solved. She says with the help of TikTok and marine biologists that the animal part is a whale’s penis.

“It’s a whale dick,” she said. “And apparently, the males fight and they bite each other’s things off and then they just wash up on beaches all around the world.”

The woman then went into some bizarre whale penis is the Loch Ness monster conspiracy theories.


#stitch with @moonlight 🌙✨ Mystery solved!! (Probably)…. Comment what you think- did you guess right? #australia #northqueensland #fyp

♬ original sound – moonlight 🌙✨

Whale Penis Or Not?

So mystery solved right? Not-so-fast says Australian wildlife expert Dr. Vanessa Pirotta. She also took to TikTok to give her professional opinion.

While she couldn’t confirm nor deny that it was a whale’s penis, she highly doubts that another whale bit the penis off: “If this is a male humpback whale penis, it is very unlikely that it was bitten off by another humpback whale.

“These whales don’t have any teeth, rather they have long hair-like strands known as baleen,” she said. “To bite another male’s penis off is something that I’ve not ever heard of.”

That’s a little too much internet today for me. I am glad that we don’t live in a world where whales are swimming around biting each other’s penises off.

Written by Sean Joseph

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  1. There’s a belief that whales are highly intelligent beings, on a par with humans so maybe it was the result of a gender reassignment process!
    I’m sure there’s an animal activist college professor somewhere who could promote that theory, to advance the ‘credibility’ of academia, of course!

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