VIDEO: Woman Throws Tantrum, Sits on Floor at Costco After Asked to Wear Her Mask

Not even your weekly trip to Costco is absent of madness anymore. At a Hillsboro, Ore. store, a woman caused a wild scene while refusing to wear a mask.

The woman was so determined to not wear the mask that was dangling from her ear, she even sat on the floor to prove it.

The woman didn’t have a medical reason for not wearing it, but did have a reason. “I am a United States citizen,” she yelled. That excuse wasn’t good enough for the worker, though.

“Okay, well, you have to wear your mask in Costco though. It’s a private property,” the employee responded. “There is something hanging off your ear right now,”

“No! I am not a member of Costco,” the angry customer explained.

After this back-and-forth, the woman asked to speak to the boss of the Costco (while waiting on the floor).

Enter the store general manager:

“I am an American. I have constitutional rights,” she said.

It’s not clear what stores this customer wears a mask in.

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  1. Wish Mel Brooks still did comedy. 2020 is rich with absurdity. Enough to make Saturday Night Live a nightly show.

    I begrudgingly wear my mask when I go into a store or doctors office or McDonald’s.

    However (in my French New Orleans Accent) I pull down my mask to talk. And I pull my masks down to ask others to pull down their mask so I can actually see and hear what they are saying. And I pull my mask down to hear ?

    I can picture a wonderful SNL skit, that will never happen, whereby an entire giant box store like Costco Sams and has customers and employees alike and in unison … pulling down their masks to talk to each other.

    And … it’s Just Like synchronized swimming ?‍♀️ Or international cheerleading competitions … we see people in Rythm pulling down masks … 1 – 2 – 3 … talk 1-2-3 … pull mask up … 2-3-4 … and down again -3-2-1 … hold breath 4-5-6 … and again …

    Maybe Steve Martin can reprise the role of the JERK? Make it a sequel.

    And Maybe then we should wear our masks on the back of our heads … 2-3-4 … at the movies … 4-5-6

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