Woman Chomps Down On A Fast Food Burger, Claims She Found A Rotting Finger

While the concessionaire at New York Giants home games is battling squirming maggots in the ketchup jugs, a fast food joint in San Aurelio, Santa Cruz, Bolivia finds itself dealing with its own public relations nightmare after a customer found a big surprise inside a juicy burger.

“At the time of eating and chewing this happened,” customer Estefany Benitez wrote on Facebook about biting down on a Hot Burger. That’s when Estefany discovered what clearly looks like a rotting human finger dug out from inside the burger patty. 

In a video posted by Ms. Benitez, translators say a Hot Burger worker tells the customer, “Please tell me what you want and we will give it to you.” The worker also claims the burgers come to the restaurant pre-packaged, so Ms. Benitez can be sure that thing that looks like a finger isn’t a digit from one of the Hot Burger workers.

Woman finds finger in her burger
Estefany Benitez / Facebook

However, a Bolivian police official told local media outlets that “a company employee had previously lost part of his index finger at work,” according to The Sun.

The Bolivian government has since stepped in and has closed this specific Hot Burger location and has imposed a fine for the finger food incident.

Finger found inside a woman's hamburger in Bolivia
via Estefany Benitez / Facebook


Human finger found inside a hamburger by a woman in Bolivia
via Estefany Benitez / Facebook

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