Woman Calls Her Bumble Match To Fix Her Friend’s Sink, Using Dating Apps To Get Chores Done Is Apparently A Thing

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Dating apps are used for more than hookups, finding love, and ruining young men’s ability to talk to women. It turns out the apps are also being used to get chores done.

One woman documented how she was able to get a Bumble match to come over and fix her friend’s sink during a girls’ night. The video has been viewed more than three million times and revealed that using matches on dating apps to get things done is a thing.

Woman Calls Her Bumble Match To Fix Her Friend's Sink
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The woman is on the phone with the Bumble match when the video starts. She explains to the guy how the sink is broken and there’s nobody they can have come fix it.

“Maintenance is not available right now,” she says to the guy before explaining that she’s not alone. “There’s a bunch of girls here for my party.”

She then tells him that he might need a wrench. The guy arrived to the Dallas woman’s home with tools in hand within 10 minutes. The, the video shows the guy under the sink getting his plumb on.

The comment section confirms that this is actually a thing. A thing that happens more than you might have guessed. Guys across several of the dating apps aren’t safe either.

The woman who posted the video said, “We have used these services before,” when someone mentioned that the Bumble plumber looked like he knew what he was doing.

Don’t Be The Bumble Match Who Takes Care Of Chores

Another commenter said, “A tinder hookup installed an entire sprinkler system in my yard.”

“My bumble date replaced my windshield wipers. Twice,” one commenter admitted.

A third weighed in by claiming a date checked off some major chores. She said, “My bumble date built my bed frame, painted my room, hung floating shelves, put curtains up..”

Another said, “My tinder date assembled my vanity then paid for dinner.”

Things are much worse than Bill Maher had ever imagined. Dating apps have ruined men and their ability to communicate with women and turned them into desperate handymen checking off chores for potential dates.

There’s no way these guys are scoring at all. The women are having the guys who will do the chores come over and the guy walks away with maybe one date.

The men turning down the chores are the only ones that are being taken seriously. They get multiple dates and some even ” find love.” Have some respect for yourself, don’t be a dating app handyman.

Written by Sean Joseph

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  1. I have been out of the game for a while, but I do not see the issue here. The guy likely was not doing anything anyways since he showed up in 10 minutes and he has a chance to meet/see a room full of women presumably his age. Worst case he helped someone who was having plumbing issues. If this happened before Tik Tok they probably would have called it chivalry?

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