Woman Abuser Zac Stacy Claims Girlfriend Set Him Up

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Zac Stacy, the former NFL running back who in November brutally attacked his ex-girlfriend in front of their son, claims the woman he attacked set him up. Displaying the same poor decision-making that put a quick end to his promising pro career, Stacy also claimed the violent attack was staged.

“It’s just a case of just bitterness, man,” Stacy said in a police video obtained by TMZ. “That’s why she did this. The whole assault thing, she staged it. She set me up.”

If Stacy’s ex-girlfriend did indeed set him up, she’s a hell of a good actress with an unusually high tolerance for pain. In the original graphic video obtained from the scene of the assault, Stacy can be seen repeatedly punching the woman in the head and throwing her into a TV as she pleads for him to stop.

Unapologetic and refusing to accept responsibility, Stacy continued to stick to his story when speaking with police officers.

“The whole thing was staged. All she’s trying to do is get money out of me. She got a reaction out of me.”

Stacy, who spent time with the Jets and Rams, also added that the entire situation started when the mother of his son allegedly cheated on him. Apparently in Stacy’s opinion, infidelity warrants being thrown through a television.

“She knew I was trying to close this gap that’s between me and my son, and she’s just upset that she got caught, and she’s upset I’m not taking care of him like she expected,” Stacy said. “And now she took it this far. This is just a case of just girl is just bitter that I don’t want to be with her, and she’s just trying to destroy my whole reputation ’cause of this s–t.”

No, Zac. You destroyed your own reputation. If you took anything away from the NFL, it should’ve been that the film doesn’t lie.


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Written by Anthony Farris


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