Wolverines Should Maul Horned Frogs in CFP

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We’ve finally reached it, my friends. Yes, after all of these bowl games and meaningless matchups between 6-6 squads, we get the meat and potatoes of college football – the playoff. Now, we aren’t here to debate if there should be different teams, or more teams, or any of that nonsense, let’s just take a minute to enjoy what the world has given us. To that note, let’s also enjoy a winning ticket on this game, shall we?

TCU is 12-1 on the year and has been pushing for this game all season. Their only loss came in the Big 12 Championship game against Kansas State, a game that was very close and came down to overtime before they ultimately fell. Still, their eyes have to be set on a bigger prize – playing at least one more game before the season is over. It, of course, won’t be easy as they are taking on Michigan, but they have slayed five ranked opponents this year en route to this one. Since this is one of the few bowl games that is a big deal, everyone is fully expected to play. How will first year head coach Sonny Dykes prepare for this one? I think if you’re looking for question marks that lead to answers on this game, you head to TCU. There are just some things that you’re not certain about.

Michigan is the bigger school with a bigger name, a bigger coach name, and even probably more fans. That doesn’t mean they are going to waltz into the National Championship game, though. On the season, Michigan was very good with the 13-0 record that was punctuated by an absolutely dismantling of Ohio State in Ohio. They also crushed Purdue in the Big 10 championship game, but that was to be expected. The question here is how can Michigan’s defense stop the talented TCU offense. If they even remotely slow down Max Duggan, this game is over for the Horned Frogs. I think they probably will, their team is very talented defensively and only allows 191.8 passing yards per game to opponents. Their rushing defense is even better.

I personally just don’t see a way for TCU to win this game. Michigan has the edge in every area in my opinion – coaching, defense, and maybe offense even if that is a bit closer. I’m going to play them at -7. I’ll buy the half point, just in case, but I think it might not even matter.

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Written by David Troy

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