Wokes Accuse Gwen Stefani Of Cultural Appropriation For Her Dreadlocks In New Music Video

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White woman Gwen Stefani finds herself in the crosshairs of the wokes this week after it was revealed…wait for it…that she has dreadlocks in a new music video where she joins forces with Jamaican rapper Sean Paul for a banger titled “Light My Fire.”

Because the wokes can’t take a day off, they have now decided that she’s not allowed to wear Jamaican colors and dreadlocks in the video.

BOOM — cultural appropriation charges.

Gwen Stefani’s dreadlocks that have the wokes all fired up / YouTube

“If Gwen Stefani proves one thing it’s that Caucasian culture, as a whole, just isn’t anything to get excited about. What she going to do, build a career around summer dresses, hats and beige,” one woke analyst tweeted about Gwen’s new look.

The cultural appropriation charge against Stefani isn’t anything new. She was asked about her past transgressions that have triggered the appropriation police.

“We learn from each other, we share from each other, we grow from each other. And all these rules are just dividing us more and more,” the singer told Paper magazine.

The definition of cultural appropriation thrown about by the wokes, in this case Vox Media, state that it’s the “taking of another culture’s practices without consent.”

So, if I’m just an outside observer with no dog in this fight because this stuff doesn’t keep me up at night, wouldn’t I be correct to think that Jamaican Sean Paul signed off on Gwen’s hair and attire when she showed up on set.

The rapper clearly wasn’t offended and accusing her of cultural appropriation. He went through with the rap video. He even high-fived her IN THE VIDEO…YES, I WATCHED IT!

And it goes even deeper than that. Gwen’s in some Jamaican dancehall gyrating with a bunch of black people, maybe even Jamaicans, and not a single fist fight breaks out over this white woman laying down some lyrics.

Sean Paul Gwen Stefani cultural appropriation
Sean Paul doesn’t seem too concerned that Gwen Stefani’s rocking dreadlocks / YouTube

“No one can appropriate a culture the way gwen stefani does💀,” another faux outraged Twitter user complained.

And there you have it. Just another day in the life of the wokes. On to the next fake outrage moment.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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