Woke ‘Succession’ Actor Glues Hand To Starbucks Counter; Protests Against Paying For Non-Dairy Options

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Liberal Hollywood nut and Succession actor James Cromwell went viral on Tuesday for gluing his hand to a Starbucks counter to protest the oppression foam-ented by charging vegans extra for alternative milk.

Teaming up with PETA in a campaign for vegan rights, Cromwell went on one big, public tirade, begging for an end to surcharges for ordering oat, soy, hemp, almond or any milk artificially made on God’s earth and sold at a Starbucks near you.


Though Cromwell, whose net worth is estimated at $8 million, couldn’t tell you the price of a gallon of milk, he blames it on his passion for radical climate change activism.

Twitter users quickly pointed out that the actor was likely channeling his Succession character, Ewan Roy, throughout the odd display.

He also wore a Free the Animals t-shirt, which would not fly well with Farmer Hoggett — Cromwell’s Oscar-nominated character from 1995’s Babe.

Cromwell’s showcase, which was utterly devoid of sanity, proved to be his second-worst offense of the day — behind accusing New York City vegans of ordering their coffee from Starbucks.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. just LOL… how sad it is that people feel this is the most pressing issue in their life… man, we NEED a famine or a war or just a 4-day power outage… the American male has softened so much, we cannot expect to survive as a culture for much longer.

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