Woke Police Attempts To Shame Joel Klatt, Fails Miserably

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A woke warrior had nothing better to do on Wednesday than to try and mask-shame Fox Sports’ Joel Klatt. And as we’ve seen time and time again, when you go woke, you go broke. The would-be tattletale, who was brave enough to call Klatt a “jerk” from behind his keyboard, had his story debunked by Klatt himself. And in what should come as a surprise to no one, Mr. Mask Police then deleted his lie-filled tweet and his account.

“Sat next to Joel Klatt on flight to Columbus. Refuses to wear his mask over his nose despite frequent reminders from the Delta flight attendant. He just seems like a jerk. Shocking that he works for Fox Football,” said Nathan Rhodes’ since deleted tweet.

Just over an hour later, Klatt, who’s still far from Columbus, left Rhodes searching for answers (and a new Twitter account): “That’s weird…Nathan, did you know that I have never flown a Delta flight to Columbus?? I fly on United and won’t be heading to CBus until tomorrow…. However, you seem like a great guy!”

The college football season is barely two weeks old, and we’ve already seen the fall’s most lopsided victory, courtesy of the Klatt – Rhodes one-sided affair.

As Tommy from The Karate Kid would say, “Get him a body bag!”



Written by Anthony Farris


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  1. Why is he worried about someone behind a keyboard.? Stop playing the victim card. If conservatives want change, out compete the “Woke Athletes “… outside of that…. you just talking shit…. compete or STFU …..IJS #Dbap

    • So you’re taking the side of a guy who feels it necessary to make up an outrageous lie about someone he doesn’t like in order to push his personal and political beliefs. Seems about right.

      “Truth over facts,” the Ball Don’t Lie way

    • Shut up, bitch. I see your stupid, ghetto ass is back on here. Nobody`s worried about some twitter idiot and no one`s playing the victim card. Maybe your crackheaded, black ass should think this through before coming on here. Stop taking the knee and take Lebron`s cock out of your mouth, bitch. By the way, start speaking english, fool. Nobody on here understands ebonics…..

    • You sir are an idiot. One, who said Joel Klatt is a conservative? I have never heard him talk about anything but football to be honest. Secondly, you defend insecure pussies like LeBitch and the gymnast chick who are so thin skinned it isn’t even funny. Third, there are plenty of non “woke” athletes succeeding in sports. You assume all of these fake “wokesters” are really woke or that the silent ones agree with fake wokeness. Dumb ass.

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