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This week’s contestants are:

Corporate America

It’s Pride Month. And leading brands are using the month for peak virtue-signaling.

Read my column breaking it down and the motivation behind it:

“A rainbow profile photo isn’t a celebration of the gay community. Rather, it’s an opportunity for companies partnering with staunch anti-gay governments to grant themselves a reputation in the US that they do not deserve.

Mark Jones

Mark Jones told us that the country is racist, police are killers and that society holds him back.

This week, ESPN named him the voice of the NBA Finals while Mike Breen is out with COVID-19. As expected, Jones embarrassed himself and the network.

Max Kellerman

Still woke, but still no game.

Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays politicized the shootings in Buffalo and Uvalde with a released statement ahead of their matchup with the Yankees.

Was the tweet worth $35 million? Because that’s the amount Gov. DeSantis vetoed for a new Rays spring training facility.

Exclusive: Gov. Ron DeSantis to Veto $35 Million Tampa Bay Rays Facility Amid Polarization of Shootings


No one watched CNN this week.

Taylor Lorenz

Not a good “journalist.”


As Joe Kinsey says, “In its mission to appease every special interest group besides its base audience, woke NASCAR kicked off Pride Month by bending a knee to the LGBTQ+ community with an apology for its “recent actions” that has some believing the racing organization is apologizing for having Texas Governor Greg Abbott wave the green flag at a recent race.”

Woke NASCAR Apologizes To LGBTQ+ Community For Its ‘Recent Actions’


Claims that America is systemically racist

LeBron James, who called America systemically racist, has become a billionaire.

Anything is possible in this racist country.

Anything is possible in this so racist country.

Keith Olbermann

He tweeted this week.

Who came in second place after Olbermann this week?

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