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This week’s contestants are:

The Daily Beast

The Beast attacked CNN anchor Jake Tapper for doing his show in studio while having COVID earlier in May. However, Tapper followed CNN protocols and put no one at risk.

Here are some facts from our defense:

CNN notified Tapper’s entire staff from the pre-show call that day that he had tested positive for COVID. Plus, Tapper had already been in contact with his producers before the test results and did not come in close contact with the others following the test.

So rushing out of an isolated studio, as the media suggests Tapper should have done, would have proven unnecessary, especially since Tapper took the following day off and then returned to the air from a home studio the next day.

Outrage Over Jake Tapper Hosting CNN Show While COVID Positive Is Overblown

COVID hysteria is so extreme that I am the one defending CNN. Telling.


How nutty has the sports media industry become on the topic of race? So radical that Stephen A. Smith is now the only voice of reason at ESPN.

This week, White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson and the media accused Yankees third baseman Josh Donaldson of racism for calling Anderson “Jackie,” a nickname Anderson gave himself.

Smith had Donaldson’s back:

“Here’s what upsets me about this: we are having a conversation about race, and I can’t sit here and tell you that anything Josh Donaldson said was racist,” Smith said. “I think that it is actually wrong for people to attach racism or ‘racist’ to Josh Donaldson today or for this incident.”

Keith Olbermann

Olbermann picked a fight with Dana Loesch over gun control on Thursday.

Loesch beat him. Enjoy:

Keith Olbermann Picks Fight With Dana Loesch Over Gun Control

Kim Kardashian

This week, Kim Kardashian put on one of the greatest faking-it performances in plant-based meat history.

Joe Kinsey has the details:

“What really has people triggered is a moment during the commercial where Kim pretends to be hosing down a big bite of the Beyond Meat burger, which I’m sure is pretty good, while closing her eyes as she lusts over the taste of that plant-based patty.

“And now we’re left with the mystery of why Kim won’t eat the meat. Was that a contract add-on that Beyond Meat refused to pay? Was it even in the contract in the first place that Kim would be required to consume the meat before she’d be paid what has to be in the millions for her likeness in the ad?”

Kim Kardashian Is Grilled For Faking It In Beyond Meat Ad

San Francisco

A city of woke hacks.

San Francisco Unified School District has eliminated the use of “chief” in job titles.

“Chief” is now offensive. Editor-in-chiefs, beware.


Mike Florio

What did he do now?

First, Florio embarrassed himself with this tweet:

“Colin Kaepernick, with time to knock off the rust and prepare, would be better than any option the Seahawks, Panthers, and Texans currently have. He’d be better than any QB (sorry TuAnon) that the Dolphins currently have. He’d possibly win the job in Atlanta, too.”

Next, we found out that Florio only became a fan of Kaepernick’s throwing abilities after Kaepernick became an activist.



Stacey Abrams

Stacey Abrams declared Georgia, the state in which she is running for governor, “the worst state in the country to live.” Abrams also has two — very nice — homes in Georgia.

Also, she appeared on Joy Reid’s show this week. How pathetic.

Stacey Abrams Declares Georgia ‘Worst State in Country,’ Despite Owning Two Georgia Homes

There is no bigger hypocrite than Stacey Abrams.

Breaking Bad hater

Worthy of censorship.

Stacey Abrams Declares Georgia ‘Worst State in Country,’ Despite Owning Two Georgia Homes

Alec Baldwin 

How does this guy have an ounce of support left?

Again this week, Baldwin called for widespread workplace safety in the US following a brawl at an airport.

While most Americans support workplace safety, not a single person wants to hear this coming from Baldwin.

In case you forgot, Baldwin shot and killed someone on the set of Rust, his own workplace.

Alec Baldwin Calls For Widespread Workplace Safety Following NFL Player Brawling at Airport

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