Woke All-Star Championship: Jemele Hill Vs. Karen Rovell

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UCLA football coach Red Sanders once told his players, “Men, I’ll be honest, winning isn’t everything…Men, it’s the only thing,” and that attitude is exactly what has made the 2021 Woke All-Star Challenge such a battle to the championship game between Jemele Hill & Karen Rovell. The 16 competitors who entered the challenge knew what was at stake here.

Typically, winners win and losers lose. Not here. Sorry, Red. Only one loser can take home the title as the big winner in this challenge, and it all comes down to the ‘Queen of Woke’ vs. the COVID cheerleader in a battle to see which woke is hated more by the voters. A week ago, Rovell didn’t give himself a shot to get out of the Elite 8. But his love of COVID was so strong that he pummeled Pat Forde and Dan Wolken on his way to a battle with the most illustrious competitor he’ll ever step into a ring with.

There are titans of their industry, and then there’s Jemele Hill. She stomped out unhinged woke lunatic Keith Olbermann by double-digits in the Identity Politics Final Four and has yet to be challenged. The greats of the game are all gas, no brake and that is definitely how Jemele is handling her business down the stretch. She unloaded on the Masters and called on MLB to yank the All-Star Game out of Atlanta. That’s a huge week leading into the Woke Final Four, and that means she comes in hot against a guy who has to depend on pure hatred from the social media community. Rovell’s up against a queen who said all Trump voters are racist three years after saying her mother voted for Trump.

Here’s the beauty of this matchup: They both want it bad. They want it for their brand. It’s good for business. There’s zero apathy here. These two are trained assassins in analyzing engagement data and what works to fire up the base while agitating the haters. These two clearly live by “winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing.” Now it’s time to get it on to see who’s taking home the title.

Woke championship OutKick

Rovell -110 vs Hill +105

Handicapping analysis from @BeatinTheBookie

Karen Rovell comes into the title game riding a hot streak, absolutely dominating her competition (yes, her is his preferred pronoun), but now stands the toughest test to date, Woke Queen Jemele Hill, who herself has years and years of experience. Hill was woke before it was trendy. She’s been woke since back in the day when Big D was downing Zimas at Northwestern chess club parties. This will be no easy feat for Queen J, but her decades of experience will get her through this one. She will absolutely bully Karen so badly that he may think about sending a cease and desist letter to her.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKick’s Thursday Night Mowing League, America’s largest virtual mowing league.

Kinsey graduated from University of Toledo.


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  1. Rovell is White and maleish. By every definition of wokeness he can’t win. In fact he is a racist, sexist pig for having the audacity to compete against Jemele. The very essence of white privilege. Next we’ll find out he makes more money the Jemele. Megan Rapinoe needs to get all over this travesty!!!

    • I disagree…in the wokeness scale Rovell is more femaleish and Hill is more maleish. However skin suit color trumps playing make believe gender in the woke Olympics…Hill by double digits.

  2. Jemele brought down a whole network. ESPN still hasn’t recovered from her. Darren is just your typical processive narcist who believes his politics isn’t political.
    The US is full of Darren’s.

    I suggest we stop calling male “Karen’s” Karen and start calling them “Darren’s”.
    This of course would only apply to self identified male “Karen’s”.

    • “Jemele brought down a whole network. ESPN still hasn’t recovered from her.” And then they brought her BACK to drive it further into the ground to work on the documentary of “The Woke-timate Warrior” Rand Kaepernick.

      No chance in Hell for Rovell…NONE.

  3. Hill should win this easily. She’s one of the biggest racist in this country…her and her gal pal Joy Reid. She should win a gold chain that has a huge capital C on it. She can think it’s for champion, but Outkick VIP’s will have a different take

    • I agree Hill should be honored with her/his name on the cup but Darren might have a ace up the sleeve,rumor has it that he is going to prove he is a she and throw a baggie with his ex tiny balls in it and a cocktail winnie in it to prove he deserves the title.

  4. Hill has hatred, racism, the female card and her ignorant revisionist history in her arsenal that Rovell cannot touch. Anything short of a blowout suggests a too-parochial electorate concerned mostly with NCAA football. C’mon, this is national and political across all sports. Hill is the quintessential scold sister with a deep vein of bigotry.

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