Woj Shoots Down His Own Colleague’s Report On James Harden Trade Rumors

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ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reported earlier today that the Nets and 76ers are going “back and forth” in negotiations and now Adrian Wojnarowski, his colleague, says that report isn’t true. Here’s exactly what Woj had to say:

Neither have a perfect track record, so we can’t make a final judgment on the reports, however both teams have reason to get a deal done. If Harden wants out, the former MVP has proven he’ll check out of just about any situation — yes, even a partnership with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. So that means the Nets should be motivated to get players in their locker room that won’t quit and the 76ers want to move on from Ben Simmons for similar reasons.

Woj did hedge his bet, which is standard for him when he said: “Things can change, before saying no negotiation is under way.

Doesn’t that mean a trade can get done any minute and Woj can say all progress on a deal happened after his report? Maybe it’d be best for Woj to say he hasn’t heard anything and it’s possible Brian Windhorst has a better source this time? We’ll know for sure by tomorrow’s 3 p.m. ET deadline. For now, Woj seems a little too excited to make it all about him.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

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