WNBA’s Chicago Sky’s Championship Parade Draws Laughable Crowd

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The Chicago Sky held their WNBA championship parade on Tuesday, but one thing was missing.

That would be the thousands of “fans” that were MIA and apparently didn’t get the memo that Candace Parker and the crew would be rolling down the streets in buses. Seriously, take a look at this hilarious scene in downtown Chicago where only a few faint chants can be heard.

Bet you won’t see this video on mainstream media outlets anytime soon, as they seem to think millions of sports fans care about the WNBA. It’s abundantly clear that not even Chicago cares about its WNBA team, but rather they’re focused on the Bears, Bulls and Blackhawks instead.

Taking another look at those barren streets, is that actually the site of a Joe Biden campaign rally? It’s hard to tell, it looks like the President of the United States should be taking the podium any moment now with that turnout.

Whatever the case, in shocking news, the WNBA is not as popular as the media wants you to think. The Windy City proved that yesterday.

Written by Nick Geddes

Nick is a 2021 graduate of the University of Central Florida with a bachelor's degree in journalism and a minor in political science. Nick is a life-long sports fan who is proud to say he suffered through 15 years of Bucs futility to witness a Super Bowl victory in 2020. Nick has a passion for writing and is proud to represent OutKick. Follow me on Twitter @NickGeddesNews and on Instagram @nick.geddes.


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  1. Almost all of those people are clearly just waiting to cross the street too, wondering what this interruption is that’s making them late for lunch. The lack of self-awareness to attempt to throw this parade is a little sad.

  2. LOL….They would have been better off saving the “celebration” for the weekend in the hood of Chicago. At least there would have been people. There might have been shootings and dead bodies, but at least there would have been people…….Nobody cares about dyke ball.

  3. Any league where the majority of team names don’t end in an “s” are a joke by default, though the WNBA is on a whole new level of irrelevancy. I wonder how much time the supposedly woke, identity politics-obsessed ESPN radio & TV operations spent on this story.

  4. Equal pay, equal pay, equal pay. I think the leagues should use this footage as evidence as to why paying these “women” more is assinine. The other exhbit will be this: 1.12 Billion viewers watched the men’s soccer 2018 world cup final and 220 million watched the women’s 2019 world cup final.

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