Without Texas And OU, Half Of The Big 12’s Money Will Vanish

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Make no mistake, the Big 12 needs Texas and Oklahoma more than the two universities need the conference. Money talks, and in the case of the Longhorns and Sooners, money also walks…right out the door.

Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby estimated on Monday that the remaining eight schools left in the conference (following the departure of OU and Texas) stand to lose $14 million in TV revenue per year once Oklahoma and Texas head to the SEC. Sam Kahn Jr. of The Athletic reports that on average, each school in the conference takes in around $28 million per season. Half of that money is generated by the two big boys heading off to the SEC:

In a Monday meeting with the Texas state legislature, Bowlsby commented that Oklahoma and Texas “deceived and undermined” the Big 12, per Saturday Down South. Apparently, the two schools will also rob the conference of $14 million annually.

The enormous loss of revenue has led many to speculate that the Big 12 will look to expand the conference with additional schools, though Bowlsby isn’t ready to commit to that idea. “We believe the eight of us staying together is the best approach in the near term,” said Bowlsby.

Unless the conference has a rainy day fund that can supplement upwards of $10 million per school, Bowlsby may want to reconsider opening those Big 12 doors.

Written by Anthony Farris

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