Clay: Without Out-of-Home Viewing, 2021 MLB All-Star is the Least-Watched Ever

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The 2021 MLB All-Star Game drew 8.2 million viewers, the second-lowest average ever, behind only 2019. However, on Thursday’s OutKick the Show, Clay Travis noted that in 2019, TV ratings were yet to include out-of-home viewing in the averages.

Keep in mind that the 2021 All-Star Game was up only 1% from 2019.

“In 2019, they did not count out-of-home viewing,” Clay begins. “So, around a 10% boost on average is occurring for out-of-home viewing now. Without that boost, which did not exist in 2019, this would be the least-watched Major League Baseball All-Star Game ever.

“Major League Baseball lost a lot of viewers because they pulled the All-Star Game out of Atlanta,” Clay goes on.

“I heard from a tremendous amount of OutKick readers, who were also Atlanta Braves fans, that were furious over Major League Baseball’s decision to relocate the game to Denver. They said they would not watch the game. The ratings reflect that many of those people were telling the truth.

“Baseball did not gain a single fan by pulling the game out of Atlanta,” Clay said later in the segment. “Not one, not one single person did they gain by pulling the game out of Atlanta. And in the meantime, I think they lost a ton of fans.”

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  1. Colorado Rockies season ticket holder for 9 years, subscriber for many years, at least 2 years watched or listened to every single rockies game. 2021 Have not seen a single game, canceled all subscriptions and couldn’t tell you anybody’s record or even score of all star game. Sad. But maybe they picked up a couple of leftist viewers to replace me?

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