With Trade Rumors Circulating, Tua ‘Not Too Sure’ If He Will Be Dolphins QB Next Year

Tua Tagovailoa was the No. 5 overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. That means he’s been in the league for only one season, and he’s already unsure which city he’ll be in once training camp begins.

During a segment on The Dan Patrick Show on Monday, Tagovailoa confirmed that he’s uncertain about his future in Miami. When asked about being mentioned in the Deshaun Watson trade talks, this is what the former Alabama quarterback had to say:

“That’s something I can’t control. I don’t have any control over those trade deals and whatnot. But for me, my job is to help our team win games and to help our offense contribute to the success of the team.”

When Patrick joked about whether he should wait until August to buy a Miami Dolphins jersey of Tua, Tagovailoa continued with more of the same.

“Well, honestly, I’m not too sure,” Tagovailoa said with a laugh. “Like I said, I can’t control things that I can’t control. What I can do is continue to work hard.”

It’s been a difficult rookie season for Tagovailoa, and the offseason doesn’t look like it’s going to be any easier. These questions are going to keep coming — at least until the 2021 Draft takes place in April. So Tagovailoa better get used to it.

If you want to watch the entire interview between Patrick and Tagovailoa, click here.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. It blows my mind how quickly a QB can be dismissed as a bust. I think you gotta ride with Tua for at least 2 more years before deciding it’s time to move on, especially if the QB is a first round pick. Rookie contract, lot of time to improve.

    • I completely agree. If Miami pulls the plug on a kid after he goes 6-3 as a starter on a 10-6 team, with as much WR talent as Philadelphia, it shows some stupidity. Do people not realize Fitzpatrick was only 4-3 as a starter on the same team, as a vet??? He did worse, but I guess he has a beard. The media shows lack of judgment questioning QBs before they’ve even learned the playbook. It’s like Curt Schilling said, some in media never played anything, make nothing, see athletes making all this cash, are jealous, so they try to undermine and ruin them at every chance. Tua at least deserves a full season first, good grief.

      • Tua failed the eye test. Fitzpatrick had to come on in relief on several occasions…that doesn’t happen in football. But, Tua HAD to beat Buffalo’s second team in week 17…he opted not to. The Dolphins are very talented. A good QB and they are legit contenders.

  2. I still think he is too fragile even though some games were won last year his play to me was not very impressive he should have went maybe 3rd round or so was drafted way to high. But they hype these dudes up and that’s what happens Fitz was playing real well they could have waited a bit imo.

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