With Maria Sharapova Off the Market, The Tennis Gods Gave Us Camila Giorgi

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Like Salma Hayek launching cruise missiles straight into the new calendar year, the world’s No. 74 ranked women’s tennis player, Italian Camila Giorgi, has also come out swinging in 2021. Giorgi celebrated turning 30 on December 30 by unleashing three sets of photos that send a clear signal to the tennis community that her confidence level is at an all-time high.

I’ll just go ahead and say it — this could signal that Giorgi is contemplating a run at OnlyFans. Before you laugh at the thought of a woman who’s banked $4,086,807 (two career titles, made it to the Wimbledon quarters in 2018) in career earnings turning to OnlyFans, keep in mind the taboo on that PPV social media site is starting to wear off. OnlyFans’ profits — $300 million in projected earnings for 20202 — are soaring, and celebrities (guys are doing it too) are starting to flock to the site as a way to create a side hustle.

Sitting with 315,000 Instagram followers, the woman who once said, “I don’t follow tennis, woman tennis, and I don’t follow tennis,” could be laying the groundwork for that side hustle now that COVID is here and tennis tournaments like the 2021 Australian Open are in doubt.

One fan wrote on IG: “Lovely Camila, does this mean your tennis career is over?”

Well, if there aren’t tennis tournaments to participate in and her home country is locked down and banning regional travel, it’s not the worst idea to figure out a new path, right? Do what you gotta do.

Or maybe she just wanted to post some hellfire missile photos for the hell of it.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

Kinsey is also the founder of OutKickโ€™s Thursday Night Mowing League, Americaโ€™s largest virtual mowing league.

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    • So she added to the already saturated market of women posting their bodies all over IG with their blank stares and the look at my backside pose. Technology and social media is ruining us.

      • For me, there is a huge difference between photos of me looking athletic and sexy as hell, versus posing in lingerie and hanging off the side of a bed.

        Also, I’m guessing Outkick will give us female VIPs a post on damned sexy male athletes without their shirts on?????? And soon?!

        • There’s not much of a difference. They both show off way too much of their body to garner electronic male attention and potentially getting their money for it. Attention, while it is easy to get, isn’t commitment from a man and your body isn’t going to look like that when you get farther north of 30. Besides OK shows just about every famous or semi-famous and even nobody women are taking athletic photos now so the market has been flooded and there’s nothing ground breaking about you with an athletic photo. Maybe take a photo of a cake you made.

          And women don’t really care about a male athlete with his shirt off…his name is how much he is compensated for the labor he does on the field.

    • Somebody has to say it.

      Women’s lib and the sexual revolution is was also the male impotence movement. For all the body revealing photos they post to garner male attention or receiving a cut from the pimp known as OnlyFans…a lot of them either aren’t married or have a divorce or two under their belt, or with a guy who isn’t going to marry them but is fine with those women giving their bodies to them or others, or without kids well into their 30s-40s, or single mothers. Look at Paulina Gretsky or Jenna Sims situation…those pro golfer have been with those women for a while…. have they married those ‘hot’ IG look at my body women?

  1. @Ray – Yup on all counts.

    i love female athletes, when they are great (and hot doesnโ€™t hurt), but female athletes are usually appealing in large part because they are attractive.

    it doesnโ€™t take away from their actual skill, but it adds something to their Brand. for Men, that brand needs to Win. Andre Agassi was a star before he began to win, because he realized he doesnโ€™t have boobs or nice female parts.

    womenโ€™s lib is a scam and women know it; even as they devalue their own children/sons.

    • ‘ for Men, that brand needs to Win.’


      For example a green jacket for the male golfer versus what numerous female golfers do. I have no idea if any of those female golfers like Paige Spiranac have any actual talented golfing skills but they wear a dress well while driving.

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