Win an All Inclusive March Madness Trip To Nashville To Hang With Clay and the OutKick Team

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March Madness is upon us. Covid is on the run. States are opening back up. America is flexing its collective muscles.

We feel ya. We know what you want. If you’re a good old fashioned, red-blooded REAL American, you are sick and tired of ill-fitting masks and distancing and closed schools and being made to feel like the bad guy for just wanting to LIVE YOUR LIFE.

As Our Founder, Clay Travis, so eloquently put it: “Time to get out of your corona rut.”

Amen, Clay. A to the frigging men.

That’s why OutKick is currently promoting a giveaway leading up to our VIP event on March 19 in Nashville.

The lucky (and we do mean lucky) winner will receive:

  • Two tickets to the VIP event
  • Flights for the winner and their plus one
  • Dinner with Clay and the OutKick team March 18th

Hey, somebody has to win this thing. Give us one good reason why it shouldn’t be you. That’s what we thought. Go ahead, CLICK HERE.

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  1. Too bad that if I win, I wouldn’t be able to take my wife because the contest doesn’t come with2 tickets to the VIP event. If the winning package came with a plus one, I would definitely take her. But since it doesn’t, there’s nothing I can do. I know she’ll be excited for me and wish me a great time. It wouldn’t be the same without her but these opportunities dont come along every day.

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