Wimbledon Residents Warn Tennis Fans Against ‘Drugs, Booze and Sex Parties’

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Wimbledon is set to get underway in London on Monday and the residents who live near the tennis tournament are preparing.

The locals are preparing by welcoming tennis fans with warnings against “drugs, booze and sex parties.”

According to the Daily Star, residents are “sick of stumbling across sex and drugs parties” that take place the week of Wimbledon. They’re so sick of it that they’ve actually posted signs to fans in town for the tournament.

One such sign reads: “Game, Sex, and Match. NO THANKS! Visiting tennis fans please respect our park and woodland. Anti-social behaviour such as drugs, booze and sex parties will not be tolerated. Police patrol this area regularly and you have been warned. Thanks for your consideration. Enjoy the tennis!”

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Hopefully, the police will step up their patrols this year

An unnamed resident had this to say about what goes on during Wimbledon: “I’ve seen couples having sex, drugs parties, everything really.”

The resident continued: “With so many fans camping in the park it turns into a big party after dark and people just get carried away especially if they’ve been knocking back the Pimm’s all day. We’ve put notices up in the past, but they just get ripped down. Hopefully, the police will step up their patrols this year and kick out anyone they catch wanting a love match.”

The Wimbledon residents sound like a really good time, don’t they? They’re right up there with folks in Qatar who are hosting the World Cup and threatening jail time for one-night stands. I don’t see much of a difference.


As if it’s even close to reasonable to expect people not to have sex, get drunk, and do drugs in the woods near your house. It’s Wimbledon. I didn’t know this about the tournament before today, but it’s apparently where people go for tennis and debauchery in the woods.

If I’m anything, I’m a guy who supports tradition. This sounds like a longstanding tradition at Wimbledon and I say it should continue. These residents need to give their fun police routine a break.

So a couple of weeks a year people travel to your town and get wild in the woods. It sounds to me like the locals could learn a thing or two about enjoying their own neighborhood.

Written by Sean Joseph

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