William & Mary Football Makes Andy Reid’s Goal Line Offense Look Boring With Exhilarating Trick Play

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Andy Reid might want to look to William & Mary for his next goal line play call. The Tribe ran a play so exhilarating on Saturday that even his offense looks boring in comparison.

Andy Reid, who began his career on the offensive side of the ball, has been a head coach in the NFL since 1999 with the Eagles, and now the Chiefs. He is considered one of the most innovative minds in the game.

Whether in Philadelphia or Kansas City, Reid’s offense never fails to keep defenses on their toes. Especially in the red zone.

Let’s take a look at some of his wild schemes from the past.

In 2020, Reid designed a virtually infallible screen that went for six.

Later that year, he called play-action bootleg that saw Patrick Mahomes throw back across the field to an eligible tackle. It also worked.

A few months later, he called a quick-touch shovel pass to his tight end that, you guessed it, resulted in a touchdown.

Earlier this fall, Reid dialed-up a chaotic trick play sneak and, well, it was a success.

Here is yet another example of the brilliance that is Reid at the goal line:

At this point, you get the idea. Andy Reid is a mastermind. His offense is so, so fun to watch.

But his crazy genius pales in comparison to what went down in Virginia on Saturday.

William & Mary ran one of the most creative goal line plays of all-time.

From the shotgun, William & Mary’s quarterback Darius Wilson sent a wide receiver into motion. However, that receiver was actually backup quarterback Hollis Mathis.

Mathis came across the line of scrimmage and lined up under center as if he was going to take the snap. Until he didn’t. What happened next was extremely fun.

The ball was snapped through Mathis’ legs to Wilson. From there, he rolled out to the left and ran a standard RPO. As the defense closed in on Wilson, he pitched out to running back Bronson Yoder (great William & Mary football name), who took it in for six.

Tribe head coach Mike London and offensive coordinator Christian Taylor deserve every bit of praise that they are going to get for this play. It would have looked really dumb if it didn’t work, but it did, so it’s awesome. Reid should give it a try!

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