Will Chris Cuomo Return to Media?

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Former CNN primetime host Chris Cuomo changed his Twitter bio to “free agent” and then teased a return to media on Tuesday:

While there are better ways to announce that you are not dead, comparing yourself to a seed will suffice. I guess.

Until now, Cuomo had not commented on his future in media since he left his daily SiriusXM program after CNN fired him in December. Instead, he has been getting a legal team in place to sue CNN for a reported $125 million. We wish him well in his quest.

Cuomo’s future will depend on how outside suitors view his ousting from CNN.

CNN says it terminated Cuomo because he did not disclose the extent to which he aided his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, in handling sexual harassment allegations. Chris Cuomo disputes this claim, and we’ve since learned that his former boss Jeff Zucker also assisted Andrew Cuomo.

However, other reports say CNN fired Cuomo after learning of a sexual misconduct complaint that dates back to Cuomo’s time at ABC.

Streaming services like AppleTV+ and Spotify can move past Cuomo choosing his brother over his job, but hardly anyone has made a comeback from #MeToo. It’s doubtful Cuomo will be the first.

Even if Chris Cuomo clears his name, he’s still unlikely to find a role with a traditional media outlet. He’s not going back to ABC, given his past issues there, and NBC and CBS don’t have an opening for someone with his bombastic style. Cuomo is also white and male, which likely eliminates him from consideration at MSNBC.

Cuomo may have to go out on his own. It is 2022, so he could start a podcast or a YouTube show tomorrow. And though he wouldn’t make the $6 million a year he made at CNN, he has enough reach to monetize his independent content with over two million Twitter followers.

I predict Chris Cuomo will return to media, in some form, by the 2022 midterms. Try to contain your excitement.

Written by Bobby Burack

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