Will Cain Implores Us To ‘Embrace’ NCAA Transfer Portal

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College football’s transfer portal window opened earlier this week, and it was flooded with names of players looking to join new programs. Fox News’ Will Cain gave his take on the madness during a recent episode of The Will Cain Podcast.

College football is going crazy as we speak,” Cain said. “Look, we can hate it — and I sort of do — but you have to embrace it. It’s going nowhere.”

The 45-day window runs from December 5 through January 15. A second shorter window will come around in May. Last year the portal was open year-round and saw 3,000 FBS players throw their names into it.

“There’s a little bit of it that’s fun. Look, I’ve always loved being a sort of miniature GM; I don’t care what sport,” Cain said, before talking about how that the is case for just about any fan.

Now, he says that college football programs are going to need something akin to a GM to handle roster management.

West Virginia JT Daniels
West Virginia’s J.T. Daniels is one of the hundreds of players entering the transfer portal, although for Daniels this is his third time. (Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images)

“You are looking at every year, 10, roughly 10 — I think Texas A&M is up to north of 15 — players entering the transfer portal and then coming back to you through other schools every year, Cain said. “All at the same time, you’re trying to bring in a class roughly of. 25 freshman. So you’re having roster turnover of 35 players on an annual basis.”

He then pointed out that around 40% of a team’s roster will change from year to year.

I’m telling you, you’re going to have to have a GM. You can’t expect a college football coach to recruit, to coach, and to manage the roster. You just can’t, even if they’re getting paid $5-10 million a year like Deion at Colorado.

And speaking of Deion Sanders:

“I find it pretty exciting, Deion Sanders —Primetime — as head coach at the University of Colorado, Cain said. “And watch him work the transfer portal.”

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