Will Cain Schools Mark Cuban On Committing Industry Suicide While Protesting

Will Cain endorsed an article on Twitter from Deadline.com that insisted NFL ratings dropped because of an embrace on politics. His tweet ruffled plenty of feathers on the far left, but none more noticeable than Mark Cuban. Mark fired back that the polls were too broad to draw conclusions, but this exchange teaches us one thing:

Sports owners have no feel on the general public and will ignore any data that endorses them to stray from politics.

Check out the exchange:


National audiences will tell you how they feel based on how they choose to spend their time. If half your viewership feels one way politically, choosing to endorse an organization only supported by one side will surely influence ratings. Cuban insists there’s too many holes in the poll Will Cain endorsed, but the reality is that he doesn’t want to believe what his audience is telling him.

When Roger Goodell refused to endorse Black Lives Matter years ago, he understood that avoiding “sides” kept both parties in the loop. No one that watched the NFL was being publicly shunned away, like the “let’s stick to sports” crowd is these days.

Will Cain brought receipts to the table from Gallup.com showing the momentum of the people (Bottom).

What’s really going on?

Owners and commissioners of sports leagues are out of touch with their own audiences because politics have overpowered common sense. No matter the business you’re running, isn’t it common practice to cater to the wants and needs of the customer? Will Cain seems to think so (and he’s trying to help NBA owners here), but powerful people worry more about their political agenda than business.

Although they’ll pretend their political bias isn’t politics at all. Just a fight for human rights.

Attending to the customer has and always will be the best way to learn and grow as a company. Isolating half your audience pretending that they have no moral compass is the quickest way to plummet your own ratings.

Who’s willing to bet Mark Cuban believes Kansas City’s crowd was booing human rights, rather than the BLM movement the league was endorsing?

Cain added on one last tweet that paints a perfect picture:

Republicans obviously departed in large numbers, but we can’t ignore Democratic viewership dwindling, either. Pretty much what half the country was arguing since the day Colin Kaepernick first knelt. The fact that real sports fans don’t want to hear about politics during sports whether they agree or not.

Disguising the Black Lives Matter movement as a social justice plea, instead of a political agenda based on fear is tone-deaf. The country split in two the day leagues like the NFL embraced politics and Will Cain is trying to help put it back together. We’ll continue to watch billionaire owners fold like napkins to public pressure and make bonehead decisions in the meantime.

Can’t save everybody, but we can try.

If you want to join the discussion, you have to tweet at Cain. Cuban keeps his mentions blocked to avoid getting dunked on by more than one person at a time.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for OutKick.com, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. I just checked out Cuban’s twitter page. He claims he hasn’t heard of sports being politicized. At first, to borrow a phrase from Joe Biden, I thought: “Come on, man!”. But then I thought about it. Maybe Cuban is telling the truth. Maybe he really hasn’t heard sports being politicized. Because maybe he’s too busy watching 11 year old girls twerking (watching in a basement somewhere with his Marxist Hollywood friends.)

    Watching the NBA is:

    Supporting BLM, which in turn is supporting the tearing down of our country.

    And it is also:

    Supporting the Democratic party, which in turn is supporting movies which sexualize children for the entertainment of liberal elites.

    If anyone doubts the above statement, please watch Officer Tatum’s video on youtube:


    Mark Cuban, as Officer Tatum asked, who exactly is this Netflix movie “Cuties” made for? It is about eleven year olds twerking, yet is rated for Mature Audiences only? Please fill us in on this Mark Cuban…..The NBA and the democratic Party are OUT. OF. CONTROL.

  2. i bet a lot of money on football, watched probably 10 hours a week and was in 3 fantasy leagues, probably typical for this audience…i had zero anticipation or excitement for last night, bet zero dollars, and will probably find other things to do this weekend…because of the politics…I’m a typical boring guy, but I have some principles and I dont need a lecture on a bunch of societal myths

  3. Could be that current sports leagues are willing to downsize and give up profitability in order to feel morally superior. Guess what? This is America. Other capitalist profiteers will swoop in and feel the enormous void, which is comprised of people who want sports with their sports.

  4. Hey Gary,
    Great writing, and thoughtful questions.
    I recall quite a few years ago the question of “pornography” came up in a Congressional hearing.
    The only answer I remember is somebody said, “I can’t define it…but I know it when I see it.”

    Same thing with NFL/NBA/MLB…but especially with NBA because they’re so in your face…
    Mark…you don’t need data…you KNOW IT…you CAN FEEL IT…we all CAN FEEL IT…
    you’re on the WRONG SIDE of history…and MOS DEF on the WRONG SIDE OF YOUR BUSINESS.
    Keep pretending…keep gaslighting your sad ass self…we’re all laughing at you!!!

  5. Well, maybe the NFL should come out and tell the players that it’s time to stop using the business for political and social justice causes. get rid of the messaging on uniforms and fields and tell the players that they’re more than welcome to do their protesting and messaging on their off hours. Just like it used to be with pretty much any corporation in America. See if the ratings go up. But I think they’ve boxed themselves into a corner they wont be able to get out of. Maybe they can try to start fresh but the owners and coaches jumped on board this run away train and I dont think it will stop until the tracks come to an end at the edge of a cliff.

  6. Great article Gary. Said before, Will Cain will run that network in time. Marc Cuban should kiss the ground Adam Silver walks on – you women hating scumbag. How do you pipe up ever on anything when your dirty trash is right there for anyone to display.

  7. Precisely the kind of article I signed up to Outkick for. With the pandemic it’s sometimes difficult to know if there are others that share your views, especially with mainstream media marching in lockstep with BLM. Well done, Will Cain. Cuban’s a narcissist who has never properly taken responsibility for his team’s atmosphere of sexual harassment, “woke” my ass!

  8. Well crafted Gary! I am surprised that the insufferable Mark Cuban has the audaciousness to offer commentary on any subject. Only due to his total outspoken disdain for Trump was he able to get a pass on the Maverick’s long running sexual harassment debacle. Even Jemele Hill, in a rare departure from her systemic race baiting, called him out. To paraphrase, according to Ms Hill,, Cuban was asked why one of his executive deviants was not fired, he replied. ” we talked about that, but we figured he would get hired somewhere else and we did not want that to happen”. A first grader could come up with something much better. Also, lets not forget Cuban openly telling his Maverick players to tank games. He was fined $ 10 million–the max fine that could be assessed against any owner. And he still remains an owner. Finally, just in case Mr. Cuban is reading comments. I am not interested in any more of your condescending “penned letters to white people.”. You know what you can do with his pen!!!!

  9. Cuban is a fraud. He’s balls deep in China as is the NBA. He’s “protecting” his balance sheet on the backs of actual slaves in China. He can look the other way all he wants but sports is supposed to be a DIVERSION from politics and life’s day to day grind. Conflate that and you get what you get — fans saying fuck off and an arrogant, tone-deaf elite like Cuban acting the dangerous fool. Cuban is not smarter than the rest of us, only richer.

  10. Well done Gary. The last line says it all. “Sports owners have no feel on the general public”. If you are a truly smart business owner you don’t alienate a large portion of your customer base. Clay’s book “Republicans Buy Sneakers Too” clearly makes that point.

  11. Cuban is pushing the garbage that the BLM organization and alleged systemic racism complaints aren’t “political.” He’s like the others on the left who play with words and try to gaslight those who disagree. “This is about addressing social ills, something only evil perpetrators can dispute,” they claim. No, it’s about a Marxist-based organization, about false narratives built on citizens who resist law enforcement and about gripes made against America for political, financial and cultural leverage.

    They create a false dichotomy in which you either submit to their demands and world view or you are a “racist.” They need to do that, because they can’t defend past one or two statements the positions they have adopted and are pushing. People like Cuban don’t even respect those who disagree enough to be honest about what they’re doing and why they’re doing it. He’s also being held hostage by his players, with a billion dollar asset that could evaporate if the owners lose their laborers.

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