Will Cain Helps Raise More Than $1 Million For Maui Wildfire Relief

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Fox News host Will Cain has helped raise over $1 million in wildfire relief for Maui, Hawaii.

The disaster in Maui hits home to Cain. He and his family visit Maui at least once a year. He owns property there. His mother is there.

Cain traveled to Maui this week, where he is assisting in the community and providing live coverage for Fox News.

He appeared live from Maui on America’s Newsroom Tuesday morning, questioning leadership’s lack of response to the disaster:

“That’s the story I’m finding is a lot of disappointment in official leadership. A lot of disappointment in politicians. A lot of inspiration in people, in community, and Americans.

Will Cain reporting from Maui on Fox News.

Specifically, Joe Biden went four days without acknowledging the Maui fires. Instead, he sought a tan on the beach.

“I will say this: Why are we capable of sending billions to Ukraine — And I’m not here to politicize or talk to you whether or not that’s a should or shouldn’t — I’m just saying, I know that we are sending billions to Ukraine. And the response to Maui is, ‘No comment.’ Explain that to me! This is the United States of America,” Cain adds.

On a more positive note, Cain continued to promote the GoFundMePage titled, “Help the People of Lahaina and West Maui.”

“I want to be a part of the solution in this community, as well,” Cain said.

“So, my friends and I, family, long time people, have put up a GoFundMe, It’s ‘Help The People of Maui.’ And, I promise you, your help is arriving and I’m going to make sure this gets to the people of West Maui.”

The current total sits at $1,070,630, with a goal of $1,250,000.

You can donate now by clicking this link.

Will Cain provided the following posts and photos from Maui:


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